Disgraced Consort – Chapter 13


Chapter 13

Mistakenly Made a Consort

Because of his hand on her chin, she has no other choice but to raise her head.  She sees him for the first time from behind the twenty drooping white jade beads on his headgear.  Just like what the Grand Tutor’s daughter said, no man can exceeds him in this world.  His kingly aura and his handsome face, when combined gives off a haughty air.

He narrows his eyes, giving off a very attractive look.  She was dazzled for a moment, couldn’t help but be drawn in by his eyes.  Her face starts reddening.  The situation is flawless but somehow perturbing too.

He looks at her while smiling slightly, dimples forming on the sides of his cheek.  This is the first time he ever smiles at her.  A smile that she will not see for a long time from now.

His smile last for only a short moment.  He leans into her, “Zhen told you, wear the hairpin.  Whoever you are, zhen will find you……”

His voice is soft, but Mu Yan who is sitting right next to her can hear him very clearly.  She bites her lips hard, her hands trembling greatly.  Xi Yan freezes after she hears him.

By then, he already release her chin and walk back to his seat, “Zhen decrees that Minister Mu’s daughter Mu Yan is to be made Princess Feng Xiang and will be married off to Ye Kingdom.”

“Mu Yan thank the emperor’s grace….”  It was extremely hard for Mu Yan to say that, she even forgot to kneel.  She can only raise her head to look at Xuan Yuan Yu’s back who is heading back to his seat.

Upon hearing her voice, Xuan Yuan Yu stop his pace and stares at Mu Yan.  Xi Yan look at the familiarity that transpire between the two people.  She takes a deep breath, at this moment, she finally understand what is happening.

The Shang Yuan Festival; a festival where the people will wear masks according to their custom.  Looks like that very custom is the reason for this big misunderstanding.

One may not know the face behind the other person’s mask, but they can still hear their voice, can they?

Turns out, this hairpin belongs to Mu Yan.  Perhaps it is a token that was given by Xuan Yuan Yu.  She actually mistook it as hers.

Then, what does she count as now?

Mu Yan gradually retreats, his eyes are on her.  He does not move a single step.

Even the air seems like vacuum inside the hall.

Suddenly, a voice announces, “The empress dowager arrives!”

A deep red vermillion skirt passes through Xi Yan.  That woman says, “Your Majesty sent Official Mu’s daughter to Ye Kingdom?”

An emperor’s words are like gold, even though his heart has regret, he cannot simply take them back.  “Yes,” his voice is cold and chilly.

“Your Majesty!” the empress dowager can only say that, knowing that a monarch’s words can never be taken back.  She walk over to Xi Yan, using her hand that is wearing a long nail protectors to lifts her chin and indifferently says, “Gave birth to such a face and confuse a ruler’s heart as expected!”

Xuan Yuan Yu’s eyes are on Xi Yan as the empress dowager said that, a cold smile on his lips, “Really did make zhen’s heart drunk.  Zhen decrees to appoint Nalan Xi Yan as Consort Zui, she will live in Bing Ran Palace.”

As soon as he said that, he walks back to his throne, his expression indiscernible behind the yellow gauze screen.

Xi Yan can only stand there as the empress dowager’s long nail covers penetrates into her chin.  As she waves her sleeve around, the Xi Yan flower falls to the floor.  A golden shoe step on it.  Somewhere deep in her heart, pain and ache rises.


Translator’s Note:  Like how is that her fault?  He was the one who was too hasty!

Mu Yan dodged a bullet.  The other emperor sounds a lot more decent!

醉 (zui) = drunk.  He named her Drunken Consort.  Her position is pretty high, she is a Fei.  It is a homonym to the title of the novel, 罪 (zui) = sinned/disgraced.


  1. Hehe. Thanks for the chapter. Just wondering about Xi Yan and Mu Yan. I dunno whether if it’s a spoiler to ask whether Mu Yan had a bit of a history between the emperor and the emperor mistook Xi Yan as Mu Yan?? It’s a bit confusing cause did she became a disgrace consort because of Mu Yan or not?


  2. Oh gosh…then the guy she met during the shuang yuan festival isn’t the king?
    Who is he? I got the impression that he’s the actual hero.


  3. Hmmm??? So i was actually wrong? If so, my deepest apologies to Mu Yan. But still, why didn’t she correct XY? It’s not like XY will behead her if she straightens a misunderstanding once. *Sigh*

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thank you for this chapter ! I feel sorry for XY being pulled in a muddy water I realy want to know the secret of her scent or maybe she isnt as easy going as she appeared
    Why her friend let her took the hair pin did she make it on purpose ?


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