Who Dares to Touch My Abandoned Empress – Chapter 18

Chapter 18

Aijia Trusts Yue Er and the People She Brought With Her


The Ci Ning Palace is brightly lit but quiet.


The grand empress dowager is leaning on the head of the bed, her phoenix eyes closed tight.  The moment she woke up, she heard about Xia Hou Shang Yue getting sent to the dungeon for poisoning her.  She knows how scary the dungeon can be, she also knows about the complication of the hearts between Bai Yu Chen and Xia Hou Shang Yue, so she immediately ordered people to inform Bai Yu Chen.


“Imperial grandmother, do you think Imperial Sister-in-law is the one who did it?”  Bai Yu Xuan asks as he place a bowl of medicine in front of the grand empress dowager.  No matter how he thinks about it, he didn’t think Xia Hou Shang Yue will be the one who did it.


Such a cold yet brilliant woman, how can she lower herself and do something as stupid as poisoning other people?  But the You Xiang in the cake and the origins of You Xiang makes it hard for people to believe her.


Even so, Bai Yu Xuan simply does not believe it was her.  There is no reason, he just feels that way.


“You tell aijia first, do you think it’s her?”


The grand empress dowager already drinks the medicine, the color of her face turns better.  Even her entire person feels invigorated.  She smiles at him as she asks him that.


Throughout the entire royal family, the people the grand empress dowager like the most are Bai Yu Chen and Bai Yu Xuan.  The two people fought violently for the throne back then, even if she was not was not willing to, she announced the previous emperor’s will.


Lucky Bai Yu Xuan was willing to relent.  Ever since Bai Yu Chen sits on the throne, Bai Yu Xuan has been incessantly supporting him.  In the end, the Yue Kingdom gets stronger and stronger.

Bai Yu Xuan does now know what she is thinking.  He thinks for a while before he looks up to her smiling eyes.


“I don’t think Imperial Sister-in-law is that kind of person.  Even though we don’t know each other that well, but ever since that day when Imperial Brother publicly humiliates her and she could still calmly spoke for his behalf, I don’t think she is the kind that will do such a thing.  Besides, if she really did it, she only needs to call for the physicians a little later and imperial grandmother and Xun Er would both be dead.  Also, if she really did it, she would not have left so many hints that leads directly to her.”


“Seventh, zhen told you, mind your position.  There are things you can or cannot say.”  Bai Yu Chen’s face is cold and when he looks at Bai Yu Xuan, a murderous aura flashes in his eyes.  Xia Hou Shang Yue is his empress, if she did not do it, these words should have been said by him.


What surprises Bai Yu Xuan isn’t Bai Yu Chen’s attitude, but that murderous look on his eyes.  So many years has passed, is he still hung up over their battle for the throne back then?


“Chen Er, aijia was the one who asked him about his opinion.  You don’t have to display that expression the moment you walk in.”  The grand empress dowager speaks up for Bai Yu Xuan.  There is that kind smile on her face, as though she was never poisoned.


Her grandson’s heart must have been moved by Yue Er!  That’s why he was so affected by how Bai Yu Xuan spoke for her.  Her heart is secretly rejoiced.


“Imperial grandmother, how do you feel?  Do we need to call physicians to check on you?”


Bai Yu Chen, the third prince was not the son of the previous empress.  He was the son of Consort Li who had passed away long ago.  Rumors had it that Consort Li was benevolence and filial.  Inside the palace, she not only obtained the emperor’s favor, the empress and the other concubines were also singing praises for her.


But rumors were only rumors.  She was a consort that only lives in the form of rumors.  After giving birth to Bai Yu Chen, her weak body was exposed to cold and in the end, she died.


The previous emperor was saddened by her death for one year.


Aijia is fine.  Chen Er, tell me honestly, do you think Yue Er was the one who put the poison?”


Bai Yu Chen sits on a chair, his hand tapping on the armrest non-stop.  He frowns, he actually agrees with what Xia Hou Shang Yue said.  If she really wants to poison someone, with her intelligence, she definitely would not have left so many evidences to give him the chance to humiliate her.


But everything must be based on evidence.  All the evidences right now points towards her.  Even if he does not look into it, this matter will definitely not escape the ministers.  There are a lot of people who are not happy with this political marriage on the first place.  If he does not deal with this, those ministers will never stop.


“Don’t worry about this, imperial grandmother.  Zhen will handle this.”


The grand empress dowager takes back her smile and look at Bai Yu Chen and Bai Yu Xuan seriously.


“The Seventh asked aijia just now, if aijia believes in Yue Er.  Aijia asked him back and he said he don’t believe Yue Er is the kind that will poison people.  Chen Er, aijia knows you are not satisfied with this political marriage.  What aijia wants to tell you is, even if you don’t marry Xia Hou Shang Yue, you will still have a political marriage with the daughter of one of your officials.  In the royal family, marriage has always been a tool for power and politic, just like when your imperial grandfather married aijia.  He too did not have a choice.”  The grand empress dowager calmly says.  The two did not say anything and merely listens, especially Bai Yu Chen who is frowning heavily.  What he cares for is not this political marriage, but her status as the Mu Kingdom’s princess.  Mu Kingdom was the enemy that killed his imperial father, how could he treat her with an open heart.


He thinks back to Xia Hou Shang Yue’s beautiful face that can ruin a kingdom.  Had she not been a Mu Princess, they probably wouldn’t have reached this predicament.  Like that night when she used a scissor to injure herself just so others won’t find out they haven’t sleep together.


“Chen Er, if Yue Er really wants to poison someone, it wouldn’t be me.  What use is my life to her?  Aijia is just an old woman, even if aijia dies, it wouldn’t affect Yue Kingdom.  If she wants to poison someone, it would be you!  Your death will be the biggest blow to Yue Kingdom!  Chen Er, what grandmother wants to tell is Yue Er is a good child.  If you can overlook your hatred towards her and try to live in peace with her, it will definitely be beneficial to you!   If you are not satisfied with this marriage, tell aijia!  Which family’s daughter do you like, aijia will select her to enter the palace!”


“Imperial grandmother, zhen…. does not want to get more concubines.”  Bai Yu Chen does not particularly like woman because in his memory, there is an absolutely beautiful shadow that is unsurpassable by human, a shadow that affects his feelings for women.


“Since you don’t want to add concubines, aijia will let it be.  But let aijia tell you my stance in this poisoning matter, aijia believes in Yue Er, and also believes in the people Yue Er brought with her.  Aijia wants them safe.”


Hearing the grand empress dowager, Bai Yu Xuan smiles.  She will be fine!  As long as she’s okay, everything else is good.   Bai Yu Chen noticed Bai Yu Xuan’s expression and a murderous feeling flashes once more in his eyes.


Zhen knows what to do.”



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Spoiler for the male lead (highlight this area): The male lead is Bai Yu Chen.


  1. I’m still not liking him…. the fact that he was not able to solve the same situation last time leading to the death of a concubine means he lacks proper judgement even if there are evidences…. I might be bias but he is too!

    Thank you for the chapter ヾ(*ΦωΦ)ノhop! hop!

    Liked by 4 people

  2. How is HE the emperor. Impatient, irrational, unreasonable, quick tempered, and biased. Not only that, but he also got fiercely jealous over a woman he made CUT OFF HER OWN FLESH…..WITH SCISSORS!!! He does not deserved her. Bai Yu Chen, go fuck your uncle.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. The fact that he whipped her so mercilessly and her aides is just pathetic. There is nothing much he can do to absolve himself of this crime. Hes not worthy of being the male lead, he needs to retrieve his brains from his balls first. I do wish she would never forgive him, but then this is a novel, so she has to be the one to compromise and adjust and accept his crap. Really wish women had harems, instead of these half-assed men.

    thanks for translating

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Happy new year!
    Thanks….everyone has same bad sentiments of the emperor. Hopefully there’s a twist to change to another male lead.


  5. Lol… I kinda knew who the male lead was… but thanks for telling us. That is, thanks for shattering the dreams of many of the readers xDDD.
    It was kind of inevitable… he is the emperor. The highest kind of power. If she wasn’t married to someone else in the very beginning, the only man able to match her would be the emperor. No matter how much we wish it to be else wise. XD


  6. This sleaze bag of an emperor doesnt deserve her when he whipped her that mercilessly in prison. Ive yet to read a male character that has whipped the heroine and yet they fell in love…….stupid of her!


  7. Thanks! For Up dating ….. Seriously Dislike The Freaking Male Lead Stupid Emperor!!!!!
    Is It Just Me Or Those Anybody Else Senses A TwoFace (Cough!, Cough!, Cough!, CouEMPRESSDOWAGERgh!


  8. Just gonna keep reading and hoping the male lead will change. Seriously, the heroine is an idiot to give in and fall for the male lead in the end. He’s not suited nor deserving of her and never will be. At least the typical cold and arrogant male leads only say hurtful things and never actually inflicts physical pain/torture with pleasure on the female leads. Geez, he doesn’t even show an ounce of remorse or discomfort. He’s so despicable.


    • He probably will change obv, the author has to make it so. But I dunno if the author is able to change him naturally in that the readers would forgive him. Such as the emperor in Mysteries in Imperial Harem was able to.


  9. stupid emperor! I cannot accept him at all. I hope he’ll die and leave the empress alone…If i’m the empress, i won’t ever forgive him for the rest of my lives. I hope the author lives up to the synopsis given. I curse the emperor to lives the rest of his lives beseeching the empress love but never get it. Even that is not enough. I wish he’ll be doom to eternity.


  10. This emperor is really beyond redemption. Even if his treatment of her has begun to be misplaced desire; he is a psycho. Killing his former concubine so cold heartedly and not having in a morsel of remorse is just horrible. Whipping his empress without even investigating fully, even knowing that this situation could lead to a war between the countries is so irresponsible that I wonder at his brother saying he was a good ruler. He has no wisdom. Carrying the revenge that his brother and grandmother seem more able to put aside for the sake of the country, that the empress put aside having lost her brother. He is so childish and a psycho. Carrying out the torture himself. All these things just make him beyond redemption in my mind. He forgets that she would have carried out the wedding night and perhaps she would have smiled for him in time if he wasn’t constantly humiliating her. It is unfortunate that her calm nature, meant to bring her some peace and make living there possible seems to have made him want to get a rise out of her even if it is pain. I hope he author moves this plot to allow her another love interest. I hate for her to end up with this creep. I think when I thought he was doing things out of desire to move her–beginning to want her I was hoping things would turn around but when I heard how he treated someone else he had loved and then when he killed that woman felt he is too cruel. I don’t know why his grandmother doesn’t know this side of him. I bet he did that to the other woman’s face himself. Yuck!


    • I completely agree with you. He disgusts me i can never accept him. People might forgive him later but i dont fogive and forget iv done this with alot of characters even after they changed but i just cant forgive. After what he did i despise him.


  11. WHAT THE FUCK. How the hell is he the male lead i dont care if he becomes sweet later😒😒😒 but he ruthlessly killed consort lu i felt so bad for her and he whipped the female lead. Oh and he said something along the lines of “i can treat you good but i can also kill you” DISGUSTING! How can he be the male lead. I tend to not forget and keep grudges i will never like him even if he changes. A person can change but people like him can try but CANT! I like his brother better. The author must be crazy!


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