[Announcement] ‘Xiao Qi, Wait!’ & new project

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Hello *waves*


Anyway, I made this post today to announce two things.


  • ‘Xiao Qi, Wait!’ already has another translator, translating with me at the same time.  So I decided to drop it because two different people translating the same thing isn’t very productive XD  I just checked the novelupdates page and the other translator actually translate faster than I do, so good news for you, ‘Xiao Qi, Wait!’ fans!  Please show your support here if you want to continue reading Xiao Qi, http://moonbunnycafe.com/xiao-qi-wait/.


  •  Now that Xiao Qi is dropped, I decided to adopt a new novel titled, ‘Phoenix Overlooking the World: Who Dares to Touch My Abandoned Empress’ (Sounds childish but the plot seems interesting and somewhat pretty similar to ‘Disgraced Consort’).  The synopsis will come out soon.


Anyway, just an announcement!  Have a good day you guys!  If there are any other hidden gems out there that aren’t translated, you can request them here!   And does anybody know a good wordpress layout that allows me to arrange my chapters nicely?  Like the layout in asianfanfics.  My current layout is too cluttered TT





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