Sponsoring or donation is entirely optional.  You can request a new novel/manga/drama without having to donate !


Sponsoring is done only if you want continuous update for that particular novel/manga/drama.  The sponsor button is on the right side of the page.


Below the sponsor button, there is a ‘progress bar’ at the side of the webpage that shows the things I am going to update for the week.  If you see the title of the novel/drama/manga there, it means it is going to be updated.


If you don’t see the title there, it means, there will be no update for this week.


You are allowed (and is actually welcomed, especially for mangas) to make request or suggestion.


Rules for Requesting/Suggestion:

  1.   I accept requests for  novels, mangas and videos (documentaries, dramas,etc though this is very unlikely.  Subtitling takes a lot of time.  I will only do it if I find the drama/documentary really interesting and want to share it with you guys.  So far, I plan to translate two dramas with pretty high ratings in China, Beauties Without Tears and Royal Romance, though the latter is still tentative.)  Request for Yaoi novels/mangas are also welcomed!  I accept both Chinese and Korean request.
  2. You need to link the raw here.  For mangas, you also have to provide the download button for me, so translating will be easier.  As for videos, you have to link me to sites that allows me to download them easily.  If I can’t download them, I won’t be able to sub them.
  3. Give me some time to consider whether I should accept them or not. If it’s too hard or has a plot that don’t catch my eye, I will reject them.  Sorry 😀



Thank you for visiting my site.  Every single feedback from you guys means a lot to me! Have a nice day!








  1. I would like to request Xiao Qi, Wait!

    The rating is pretty high (4.5/5) for this romance/comedy/historical chinese novel even though there were only 8 chapters and has not been updated since 2/8/16.

    Its a pretty short novel compared to historical romance, complete translation has 70 chapters + 6 extras. Very promising story.

    This is most likely the link to the raws (can’t read chinese, only guessing):
    -recommend you reading the first translations to verify my second link; see if you’ll like it;)


    • Hm, I quite like it! I already left a message to the original translator asking if it’s dropped. If it’s dropped, I’ll pick it up. If it’s not dropped, well, no harm there because you’d still get to read the story either way haha.

      Thank you for requesting!


      • There is a unique novel called Man Chao Huan that is also highly rated (4.5/5), with just the prologue & first chapter translated. See if your interested:

        It’s a refreshingly different novel from modern lead characters that travel back to historical periods. Although the there were few translation the story was interesting in its own way.

        (It seems to be an audiobook, link below) – 230 chapter completed (2 vol in all)

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      • Oops wrong genre it is time travel hehehe😅 But I still recommend it.😊
        Read it and see if you like it, the previous translator stopped translating it since 6/25/13.

        Raw link (possibly):
        (Sorry didn’t know how to get to the first chapter)


  2. Sorry…it’s called Man Chao Huan:

    I’m kind of dizty today😅….but the previous link above is for this novel, hope it didn’t confuse you.

    Although there was only four chapters it got a high review (4.5/5), the novel was truley interesting.

    Raw (audio):

    Read it and see if your interested and thanks for listening to my jabbering 😊.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The first few chapters is okay. But give me some time to contemplate, okay? I think we have the same taste in novel, haha.

      On the brighter side, ‘Xiao Qi, Wait’ has officially been adopted by me, with the original translator’s permission! 🙂 The next chapter will be updated in this batch (or if not, the next one!) ^^


  3. I hope you will continue translate this,the translator dropped it already but thr story really seems interesting. The plot is not your typical story. There are only few Chinese novel with this kind of plot and the lenght of this novel is just right. So puhhhleasssse 😭😭 translate this!! 🙏🙏🙏


    • Oh wow, the first one actually sounds so good! Thank you for introducing it to me!

      If I want to adopt anything out of this comment section, I think I will adopt that first one! Hmm, just give me a moment to skim over the chapters. It looks so hard but so exciting!

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  4. How about Yu Ren?
    The project has already been but the story is amazing so far!
    The Female MC is like the Female MC of Favored Intelligent Concubine, very smart and uses their modern knowledge as advantage. Through only differences is that the girl isn’t really that related to Royal (But has a chance in later chapter).

    Please try it!!!!

    I tried finding the raw but I dunno if this is right:

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  5. was wondering about the amount of money you need to donate to get a chapter you want translated relased? i don’t always have money, but then i do have some over i like to support stuff.i read your translation of who dares touch much abandon empress and enjoyed it and wants more of it. but it’s not released very often which is fair because you’re not getting paid for it. so i thought depending on how much it cost to get a chapter relased, i could donate money then i feel like it and have money over. thanks for the good translations anyway i hope you can understand that i wrote, english is not my native language. Best Regard GeneralG


    • Hello! First of all, there is no fixed amount when it comes to sponsorship. You can donate whatever amount you want. And second of all, thank you for the kind words. It’s okay if you don’t donate, comments means just as much to me. Granted, most of the comments i received for that novel revolves around my readers cursing the male lead, but I am happy just the same cause I know people are actually reading what I translate!


      • thanks for the reply 🙂 i will donate next time i get my income. it’s january so i am little low on it right now. i like dialouge action more than action action and love the intrigue. but this novell hit a new level of douche and cought my intrest. so i can’t wait to see how it develops 😛 Best Regard GeneralG


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