Disgraced Consort – Chapter 3


Chapter 3

Unexpected Meeting


The man with the sword approach the trash site and poke it with his sword.  Just as he was about to poke the large basket, a silver flash can be seen before that man gasp and collapse to the ground.


She was a little shocked.


She turns to look at the man beside her and sees a couple more silver flashes from him, aimed towards the other men outside before the other men too collapse.


Everything turns quiet, except for her own heartbeat.


After that, the man lifts the basket they’re crouching under before he stands up, his long body standing under the bright moonlight.


He brush off dusts from his sleeves, his fingers slender and fair, just like the most beautiful of jades.


“Hiding does not allow you to live without fear,” this is the first thing he says to her, his voice low and alluring.


Years later, these very words will be deeply engraved in her heart.  So will the memories of this night.


This is his and her’s first meeting, though reek with the smell of blood, it is still ingrained in their memories nevertheless.


Xi Yan gets up, the people chasing her just now are all dead on the ground.


As it turns out, this man is not one of the common people.


He came from Taiyuan Building and possess such high martial arts skill, it seems that his purpose wasn’t simply to flee from the assassins.


She wasn’t thinking this far just now.  It was an emergency situation and she had no time to think, so she easily conclude him as one of the common people trying to escape the scenes outside.


Now that she got her logic back, she unconsciously draws back from him.


As she retreats, he suddenly lifts his hand and shot a silver flash towards her direction.  She can’t avoid it, it’s much faster than she is.


The silver flash heads towards her mask and ended up snapping the thread of her headgear that she used to pose as a servant boy.  Her headgear fell, releasing her long dark hair.


At that moment, a pained sound can be heard from behind her.


She turns around only to find another sword-wielding man behind her.  The man must’ve took advantage of them chatting to silently approach her.  The silver flash just now ended up right in the middle of his eye-brows.  Turns out the silver flash is just a diamond-shaped hidden weapon.



“Miss, this place is not safe.  You better go home,” the man leisurely says.


Her black hair is flowing freely and the tether of her mask has also been cut off.  As she turns around to face him, the demon mask falls down.


At that moment, he sees through her female body.


He appears to be a little breathless upon seeing her face.


From the mask, she can see his deep eyes on her, but actually ended up misinterpreting the look he gave her.


At that moment, she does not want to probe the meaning of his gaze on her.  Even though his status is not similar to those of the common people, at least he didn’t harm her.  In fact, he even saved her, yes?


In her mind, all she thinks about is one thing.  She does not know the way home.


She only knows this is Taiyuan Building because Nalan Jing De always hold banquets there, so she already went there with her father a few times.  As for how to go home from Taiyuan Building, she does not know.  After getting separated from Biluo, she can’t even find her own way home!


Everytime she leaves the residence, she will be in a carriage, so she isn’t really familiar with the ways around.


As a young miss from an influential family, you are nothing without your servants once you are out of your residence.


“May I ask a question?  How do you go to the east of the city?  This is my first time in the capital, and I got separated from my family on the way to view lanterns, so I don’t know my way home,” she lies.  She can’t really tell this stranger she is Nalan Wang Residence’s princess.


As long as she is brought to the east side of the city, she is certain she will be able to find her way home.  Nalan Wang’s residence is huge, spanning a considerable part of the city’s east side.


He stared at her, his eyes seemingly amused and somewhat indifferent at the same time.


  1. Thank you for the chapter! I am sure he will be really charming!
    I hate to be one of those people that ask for more chapters, but this is kinds of driving me crazy, so could you pretty please post the next chapter soon? *-*


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