THL – Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

A Cruel Lover


In the harem, no woman can reject the emperor’s advances.  The punishment to that will be death.  Despite her fear, she gradually regains her composure and speaks in a trembling voice, “Chenqie is suffering from an infectious disease, what if chenqie accidentally infects you?  It is okay for chenqie to die, but nothing must happen to Your Majesty.  Chenqie was wrong, please forgive me, Your Majesty….”


Perhaps it is because of her fear, or maybe it is the way his body is pressed against her’s, Feng Feng finds it really hard to breathe.  Her entire body is trembling; her voice too.


He caresses her trembling body, as though finally remembering her sickness.  He turns around and sits up before trapping her against his chest, making her soft chest glued onto his hard one.


At this moment, her bearing and delicate voice returns to the old Feng Zhaoyi that he knows.  The strange unfamiliarity he felt just now immediately disappears.  His face becomes a lot more relaxed, “Zhen had forgotten about your illness and was not considerate towards you.  In the end, it is you who cares about zhen’s health.  Miao Lian, it is you who really cares about zhen….”


Chenqie thinks about you all the time, but chenqie is ill.  It is not fitting for chenqie to be close to you….” Her voice is gentle and concerned, almost weeping.  But she secretly feels ashamed on the inside; turns out, women are born with the ability to act.  She can actually say those disgusting words without throwing up.


In spite of the nausea feeling bubbling inside her, she curses this man to hell and back in her heart.  Under what right does this man dares to act so arrogant in front of her?  Why should she act so humble and low in front of him?  Why should she be talking to him softly even after he almost took her by force?  Does a woman have to be treated like that even when they are sick?


The emperor’s heart soured when he hears what she said.  Seeing her mournful eyes and the tears pooling in it, he knows she is sorrowful because of her sickness and having been sent to the cold palace.  He sighs before taking the robe he took off just now and wrapping it around her body.  He hugs her tight again before patting her head and speaking in a gentle tone, “Miao Lian, zhen thinks about you all the time, too.  Recuperate properly.  Once you get a little better, you can move back to Zhao Yang Palace….”


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