THL – Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

A Cruel Lover


(TN: Not suitable for minors.  If you are not comfortable with rated materials, please skip this chapter :D)



The emperor naturally does not know what she is thinking about.  He has been managing the kingdom for so long; most women he sees are respectful towards him.  All of them wants a chance to serve him in bed.  And while serving him, those women would be really careful when acting around him.  They would try their best to appear as charming as possible while undressing him.  The past Feng Zhaoyi, was the exceptional one out of the bunch.  But even so, that did not change the fact that she was merely one of those large numbers of women.  She would spend most of her times dressing up to seize more chances to serve him.  And now, that amorous woman has changed this much after falling ill.


This is his first time facing resistance and instead of getting angry, he finds his interest spiking.  He grabs a bathrobe with one hand and wipes her body clean.  Then, he tosses the robe away and leans down to embrace her.


Even the foolish Feng Feng knows what he intends on doing to her.  Men are scary creatures.  He was furious when he came over just now, intending to scold Feng Zhaoyi for who knows what, and now, after seeing Feng Zhaoyi’s body in the bath, his desire rises within him and he ends up forgetting everything else.  He disregards everything and goes all intimate on her.


He can afford to disregard things, but she cannot.  Even though she was already 22 years old in the 21st century, she has only been in a relationship once.  They had only gotten to the ‘holding hands’ phase when her so-called ‘best friend’ got into the equation.  She, then, broke up with that man.  She cannot afford to do ‘that’ with a man right after traveling to this ancient time, a man she completely didn’t know, at that.  Even though she isn’t completely righteous as to ‘better starve to death than to lose yourself’, she still isn’t willing to simply lose her first time to this man.


But right now, she is his so-called ‘beloved consort’, how can she reject him?


As she thinks about that, he has completely leaned down on her, giving her a fierce kiss.  She is surprised and shocked.  She struggled against him, but no matter how hard she tries, she cannot push him away.


Her resistance only ends up increasing his desire.  He holds her slender waist, while his one hand grasp her small chest.  A weird feeling suddenly surfaces in his chest.  The woman underneath him is indeed Feng Zhaoyi, but why does it feels like she is a completely unfamiliar stranger?  Thinking about that, he becomes more excited, a strong desire to conquest pumping throughout his body.  He wants to subdue this woman.


His large body has completely pressed down against her.  Her entire body becomes tense because of fear.  He forcefully pressed his leg in between her tightly clamped legs, causing it to be forcefully pried apart.


She shut her eyes tightly.  This is not the style of the expertly amorous Feng Zhaoyi at all.  This appears refreshing to him, his libido quickly mounts even higher.   The women would usually be the one to undress him, but at this moment, he can no longer bring himself to wait.  He impatiently undresses himself; as though the faster he undresses himself, the quicker will his thirst be quenched.


He takes off his robe and place one of his legs in between her thighs, so she cannot clamp them together.  Then, he leans down and gives her another kiss.


The man’s scent fills up the air as he kisses her until she reaches the point of suffocation.  Feng Feng finally manages to turn her face away.  Only then did she realize that he is completely naked.  She gives out a terrified yelp, almost fainting from the shock.


He cannot help but look up at her when he hears that terrified yelp.  Perhaps it’s because of the fear on her face, or maybe, it’s the way she whole-heartedly pushes him away; the emperor’s desire turns cold.  He fiercely glares at her, “What do you mean by this?”



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