THL – Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

A Cruel Lover


Feng Feng feels a burst fear in her heart, realizing that she is now nothing but a ‘Zhaoyi’ that has lost favour.  She is still his concubine by name.


She is currently on his turf; basically a meat on his platter.  She does not have the guts to continue speaking.  Seeing that furious look on his face, she neither nods or shakes her head and simply buries herself even deeper in the water.


Her fear reaches his eyes.  He does not know if he should be angry or let it be, “Come here!”


His voice is a lot harsher now.  Feng Feng raises her head in fear before quickly lowering it again.  He is telling her to come out?  He wants her to come out without a single thread in her body?  She continues burrowing herself in the water.  With the movement of her hand, the yellow flower on her hand falls into the water.


The view of her chest is suddenly unobstructed.  Little waves in the pool carry small red petals around her when her chest comes into view.  The half-concealed scene looks so beautiful and strangely tempting.  His throat tightens; he suddenly remembers that this woman once received all of his love and affection.  His voice immediately softens down, “Miao Lian, get up….”


His voice becomes gentle and ambiguous.  He didn’t address her as ‘aifei’ and instead calls her by her name, Miao Lian.


Feng Feng secretly ponders:  Will she actually falls into the clutches of the devil tonight?


In a state of panic and desperation, she almost buries even her head inside the water.


He discovers that she not only does not come out even after he lovingly calls her, she even buries herself deeper into the pool.  Even her head is almost submerged.  The past Feng Zhaoyi was not like this.  He finds this really strange.


He bends down and pulls her out of the water.


“No….”  She struggles, but doesn’t dare to use too much force.  Even if she manage to fight him off, where will she run off to?  He leans onto her, forcibly lifting her out of the pool.  He ignores everything else and carries her into the makeshift bed right next to the pool.


Her body is damp as she lay on the bed.  She can feel a burst of chill from being exposed to the cold air.  His eyes are looking at her in such a strange way, more and more passionate as time passes.  She covers her chest in fear, her entire body shivering.  Just who the hell was the morally-deficient person who constructed this lewd bath?  Such a debauched tyrant ah!


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