THL – Chapter 4

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A Cruel Lover


Feng Feng sees him standing still over there, secretly wondering what he is doing in the cold palace in the middle of the night.  But, looking at the anger in his face, he didn’t look like he comes here to be ‘served’ by Feng Zhaoyi.


Remembering the word ‘serve’, her heart palpitates as she quickly lowers her head.  To him, she is Song Zhaoyi, his former favoured consort.  If he insist on doing some misconduct, will she be able to stop him?


The gear in her brain turns when she notice the weird way he is looking at her.  There was anger, in the beginning, but it turns to deep confusion.  In the end, his eyes darkens.


No!  That look in his eyes are—– lust!


What is he planning to do?


She is really scared, the ripples in the water is not enough to cover her entire body.  She is anxious and embarrassed, “Your Majesty, chenqie is so sorry.  Can you leave first?  If there is anything you would like to say, can you wait until chenqie is properly dressed?”


He looks at her curiously, what is that woman saying?  Is she afraid he will see the condition of her body, is that why she is asking him to leave?  She was not like this in the past.


At this moment, that body that he has gotten used to gives him more temptation than ever.  He clears his throat, his dark eyes now carries slight traces of anger as he continues staring at her intently, obviously not having the intention to leave.


Under his intense eyes, Feng Feng curls even further under the water.  Getting up is wrong, not getting up is also wrong.  She cannot stop herself from scolding this pervert in her heart.  With him standing like a pole over there, how can she gets up to get dressed?  Talk about misfortune; she is actually being looked at by a stranger like that!


The two people ends up in a stalemate.  As the mist from the pond rises, Feng Feng steals a look at him.  His eyes gets even ‘scarier’!  The problem has gotten big.  After thinking for a while, she finally musters the courage to break the silence, “Your Majesty, can you leave?”


The emperor’s eyes now carries more anger than when he walked in earlier on.  Why is this woman getting weirder and weirder?  She actually dares to kick him out?  Was she ill until she got muddle-headed; did she forget who she is talking to?  But, looking at her right now, her skin is pink and glowing.  She didn’t look sick at all.


His voice is deep when he speaks, “You are telling me to get out?”


serene:  There are soooo many different versions of this novel out there and most of them sounds a little off/unedited (??? not sure) so from now on, I will update the chapters according to the txt file that I downloaded.






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