THL – Chapter 3

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Chapter 3


After that incident, the master and servant pair becomes more cautious.  Coming into the ancient time, even though Feng Feng is interested to learn more about the palace, she does not dare to take a single step out of the cold palace out of fear.


The weather is fine these days, Feng Feng puts on a beautiful pink muslin dress, Liu Er told her that this dress only weighs 2 liang.  It comes from Persia and has the ability to attract flower petals; it was gifted to her by the emperor during her heyday.


Feng Feng is half-suspicious so she decided to test it out.  She even collect flower petals and leaves from the garden and place them in the table.  When the wind blows, the flower petals indeed floats and sticks into her dress.  Before long, her entire body is covered in a thin layer of petals, exuding the faint fragrance of peach blossom.


She stands up and gently shake her body, the flower petals did not fall.  She is enjoying herself when she hears Liu Er’s alarmed voice, “Your Ladyship, someone is coming…..”


She looks up and sees a bunch of well-dressed ladies walking towards her. They are large in number and a couple of them in front wears gorgeous dresses, they are probably concubines.


The group stops a distance away from her, as though scared she will infect them.


She glance at Liu Er in wonder, waiting for her to introduce them.  Liu Er kneels and says, “Greeting the empress.”


The empress looks like she is around sixteen or seventeen years old.  She looks fair and delicate, there is a rosy blush in her amidst her pale complexion.  Her bone structure looks delicate and exquisite while her hair is black and shiny.  Her facial features blend well with each other and even though she isn’t earth-shatteringly gorgeous, she is still beautiful.  There is a bump in her stomach, she appears to be three or four months pregnant.


Feng Feng takes a closer look on her and almost choke is surprise.  Oh God, the ‘empress’ have the same face as her enemy of love, Ke Ran from the 21st century.


Feng Feng’s first love is a handsome man but before their relationship even pass three months, she was dumped by that man.  The man’s new love interest was the Department of Foreign Language’s flower, Ke Ran.  Feng Feng suddenly feels dizzy, she really wants to ask her if she’s really Ke Ran and if she too had time-travelled.


No wonder the two sisters are not compatible, turns out they are enemies of love that transverse through time.  What is even funnier is Feng Miao Lian is the little concubine in the ancient time and is also the loser in the modern time.


Feng Feng remembers the exorcism thing and quickly becomes alert.  What is the empress planning of doing?


Feng Feng is suspicious and Feng Miao Zhi didn’t wait for long either.  She looks at the dress on Feng Feng’s body; even the empress does not get that rare treasure.  She waits for a while, but not only did Feng Zhao Yi not greets her, she also gives her a disapproving expression.  She quickly snaps, “Feng Zhao Yi, aren’t you going to pay respect to Bengong?”


“Women have gold underneath their knees, they only kneels to the heaven and towards their parents.  Why should I kneel to you?”


Feng Miao Zhi’s eyes are on fire, “You disregard the empress and break the palace’s rules.  How should bengong punish you?”


Feng Feng laughs, “Feng Zhaoyi is sick to this extent and you want her to pay respect to you? You like to trample on your sister’s head and acts like a tyrant.  Actually, I am almost the same.  No need to visit me, you can leave.”


When Feng Miao Zhi heard her, she gets so upset that she almost lost it.  She grasp her stomach as she crouch on the ground, “Aiya!”  Her face looks pale.


Feng Feng jump away in shock, a couple of palace maids are already supporting Feng Miao Zhi, “Your Ladyship, what is wrong with you?  Hurry….. Call the Imperial Physician!”


They support the empress as they walk, halfway along their way, a couple of physicians and eunuchs already bustles in.  The cold Bie Li Palace suddenly turns chaotic.


Feng Feng and Liu Er slowly walks back to their chamber.  Liu Er’s face looks like soil as she whispers, “Your Ladyship, Her Majesty will be fine, right?”


She should be okay, it should be something like fetal qi.  She should be fine soon.


“Your Ladyship, you have to be a little careful….”


Feng Feng secretly thinks: What should I be careful about?  Is this going to be placed on my head too?


Once the sky gets dark, she goes to bath as per regulation; to get rid of the dirt and sweat she accumulated throughout the day.


This bath pool is next to her chamber, connected by a small, carved wooden door.  Yellow tassels are hung in every corner of the bath while palace lanterns light up the place.  The bath itself is around 7 or 8 square metres.  There are two two-metre bath-beds in front, for people to rest in after bathing.


The water is warm and as Feng Feng’s body soaks in it, all her tiredness seem to go away.  She leans on the pool’s wall.  The yellow tassels, the red flower petals, such a beautiful sight.  She picks a branch of flower bud and place it in her palm.  In the rising mist of the pool, the sight almost makes her fall asleep.  She close her eyes and droops her head.


“Your Majesty….. Her Ladyship…… Her Ladyship is in the bathpool…”  It is Liu Er’s frightened voice.


She wakes up in shock, hearing rushed footsteps near the door.  Before she even manages to react the door burst open in a loud sound.  A man furiously makes his way inside.


Feng Feng yelp, completely curl up underneath the water, she does not have the gut to accuse the person of trespassing into a consort’s bath because that person is the emperor.


The emperor’s face was initially full of anger.  But after seeing spring scene in the pool, seeing her hand holding a branch of flower bud while hastily covering her chest, it is a coquettish and enthralling sight.  Even though she has been sick for so long, her body is still exquisite and amorous.  He stares at her, his throat closing up and his mouth drying.


Feng Feng sees him standing still over there, secretly wondering what he is doing in the cold palace in the middle of the night.  But, looking at the anger in his face, he didn’t look like he comes here to be ‘served’ by Feng Zhaoyi.






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