THL – Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

The Long Days in Bie Li Palace


Feng Feng opens her eyes.  The light is blaringly bright, she shut her eyes for a couple of times.  Her entire body feels cold and her chest feels particularly heavy as if it’s being crushed by a giant rock.


She force herself to open her eyes.  Turns out she has been sleeping in a large, cold rock bed.


“You’re awake.  This wretched woman is finally awake….”  The voice is deliberately low.  She looks at the deformed and ferocious face that is staring close to her.  She is taken by surprise and immediately sits up.  Her legs feels numb so she ended up falling.  Her head bumps against the floor.  It hurts.


“Ha ha ha ha…….” He raise his hand and hits her forehead, staining his palm red as he laughs like a devil, “Wretched woman, this is the retribution you gets from coveting riches and power!  I bet you never thought you will end up like today! Ha ha ha!  How does the cold palace feels like?  Is it good?  Ha ha ha!”


Feng Feng angrily asks, “Who are you?  What are you doing?”


He laughs coldly, “Feng Zhaoyi, you really can act?  You can’t even recognize who this king is?”


Before Feng Feng gets the chance to answer, she hears the voice of a lady.  “Your Ladyship……. Your Ladyship…….”


The man’s face changes.  He hastily gets up and runs off, disappearing in the flower garden in front.


Her entire body is numb.  She tries to sit up after a while.  She looks around.


There is a garden ‘rich with grass’ in front.  The garden is overgrown with weeds while birds messily fly around.  In front of it is a courtyard with upturned eaves.  The red-lacquer gate is opened a little, allowing spring wind to blows in.


Her heart is filled with horror.  What place is this?


She, Feng Feng is a 25 year old woman.  The biggest love in her life is travelling.


Before spring, she saved some money and travelled to a grassland.  She found a large quartzite stone there.  Since she was tired, seeing a rock bed like that makes her really happy.  She lie on it and fell asleep.


After she wakes up, she wakes up in this place.


She scratch her head, dizzily getting up.  Just as she did that, a red figure hastily makes its way to her, her voice in dread, “Your Ladyship, this servant just went to get some water, why did you come out?  The imperial physician said that you must never be exposed to cold winds because you vomit blood.  The wind is strong here, please go in.”


Your Ladyship?


Oh God.  Seeing the clothing the maid wear and her very own long-sleeved dress and pleated garment, her mind gradually gets clearer.


Did she time travelled to the ancient palace?


Oh God!  Other people time who time travelled woke up in a bed, served my countless maids.  If not that, then they wake up while doing OOXX with an extremely handsome guy————  What sin has she committed?  She woke up in the cold floor of the cold palace and somehow suffers from a somewhat incurable disease.


As far as she knows, vomiting blood is a symptom of lung disease, it should be something close to tuberculosis.  In the modern time, it isn’t an alarming disease, but in the ancient time, it is considered a terminal disease ah!


While she is lost in her thoughts, Liu Er already brings her into the room.  She help her sit in front of a dressing table.  As she looks into the bronze mirror in front, “Oh my mom!” she screams.  The woman in the mirror is dishevelled and messy, her skin is sallow and yellow while she is thin to the bone.  Far from a beauty that can overturn cities, the woman is straight ugly!


She shouldn’t say that, this ‘ugly woman’ is still herself.  She time travelled to become this Feng Zhaoyi but her appearance remains the same.  From her own memory, even though she wasn’t a great beauty, she is still healthy and youthful.  From someone delicate and pretty, how can she turn into a person that resembles a weed?


Hm, this person must have ended up this way because of her illness.  If ridden with such disease, no matter how beautiful you are, you will become nothing that is worth a look.


She quickly asks her, “How long have I been ill?”


“Three months.”


Feng Feng remembers the man from just now.  “Who was that man?”


“He is the third prince ah.”


“What happened between him and Feng Zhaoyi?”


Liu Er looks a little weirded out, it takes a while before she answers, “Before Your Ladyship got married, you were engaged to him.  Perhaps he still takes that matter to heart, so he comes here to gloat when he found out you had fallen through a hard time.”


Under Liu Er’s surprised eyes, Feng Feng chose not to press on about him.  After continuing with another series of questions, she finds that her name is Feng Miao Lian, the Marquis of Chang Le, Feng Bo’s daughter.  She was once the most favoured Zhaoyi in the palace.


Feng Bo’s position is really high in this dynasty, his sister is the current empress dowager.  His wife is a princess.


Feng Miao Lian is the daughter of Feng Bo’s concubine.  5 years ago, she entered the palace as a ‘Zhaoyi’.  She somehow started to contract a ‘vomiting blood’ illness 3 months ago.  At first, she rested in the side hall while being served by a large number of palace maids.  But after a while, she didn’t recover and the empress dowager was worried it will infect the emperor so she was ordered to recuperate in the cold Bie Li Palace.


The emperor initially visited her every couple of days, but her illness persists for a very long time.  The woman who was initially beautiful lost her beauty, so in the end, the emperor lost his patience.


Not long after, the empress dowager was worried the emperor would be ‘lonely’ so she immediately asks Feng Bo’s younger daughter (Feng Miao Lian’s half sister) from the official wife, Feng Miao Zhi to enter the palace as the empress.  Feng Miao Zhi has never had a good relationship with her so-called sister.


Since the emperor has a new person to dote on, she was gradually forgotten.


And that demon-like prince is the emperor’s younger brother from the same mother, the empress dowager loves him a lot so he has a lot of authority.


The back palace is a strict place, especially cold palaces like Bie Li Palace.  People cannot really come and go as they please.

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