TFIC – Chapter 50

Chapter 50

A Little Joke (1)


“Handsome guy, nothing good will come out of molesting a princess.” Lan Qin Yu shakes her head as she pokes the guy in the chest.


How can she miss this opportunity to take advantage of people?  She secretly laughs evilly.


“I was taken aback by princess’ beauty, it was an involuntary action…” the man laughs heartily before taking out a familiar fan.


Fan!  This familiar fan!


So it is like that!


No wonder he sounded a little off earlier on.  Who would address themselves as ‘I’ in the palace?  There are only ‘bengongs’, ‘this subordinates, and ‘this servants’.


Who else would address themselves as ‘I’ other than him?


(TN: In Chinese, he addressed himself as ‘zaixia’.)


She didn’t think he will have that kind of ability.  Is it possible….?  Even his voice is different than in the past.


Since she already knows the other party’s real face, she does not need to show him any mercy.  Just watch as she completely takes care of him.


Lan Qin Yu turns around, preparing her expression meticulously.  When she turns around back at him, her face is already full of wicked smiles; it is a mixture of a lewd and a hair-raising expression.  Even though she likes seeing handsome man, she rarely makes this kind of expression.


Seeing that, the man unwittingly steps back.


W-Why is that woman looking at him like that?  Don’t tell him…..


No way!  She has Tian Qing by her side, why would she like this ‘face’?


However, this woman does not do things the normal way.  He has to be careful, he must not be negligent.


If he had known this from the start, he wouldn’t have teased her.  Now?  He will be considered lucky if she doesn’t tease him back.


“Wei, handsome guy.  I know I am beautiful, but simply molesting a princess like that is pretty indecent.” She laughs twice before maliciously stepping towards him.


With one step she takes, he takes one step backwards.  His face is smiling, but his heart is sweating.  This yatou…. She is trying to pull off something….


Xiu Er and Zi Er secretly laugh on the sideline.  They seem to know what Lan Qin Yu’s motive is.


The man is suspicious of them; does the two maids recognize him?  No way, no way.  He needs to be careful.


With that in mind, the man starts back-pedaling even faster.  He knows that if he stays there long enough, he will end up in a really pitiful predicament.




“Ah—-!!”  The man screams as he falls into the pond behind, just like how she wants him to.  The fan falls with him, creating a beautiful parabola shape, mid-air.


Water splashes everywhere, accompanied by the sound of lively laughter.  Even Xiu Er and Zi Er throw their conduct away and clutch their stomachs as they laugh.



Shame!  Other than shame, there is more shame!


It is inevitable for him to be soaked from head to toe.  His hair is a mess and his fake face is full of wrinkles.


The man struggles to climb out of the pond.  He takes off his mask, revealing a face that is familiar to Lan Qin Yu.  Xiu Er and Zi Er are shocked.  Even though they laugh along earlier on, they didn’t know it was him!