TFIC – Chapter 49

Chapter 49

A Messy Mind


The day before, after Feng Tian Qing tried to do ‘that’ to her, she never got to react to the parting words he gave her.


‘I am sorry for scaring you.  I am too impatient.’


He is sorry?  En!  Taking advantage of people and then saying sorry afterwards is a normal thing.  She naturally interprets this as Feng Tian Qing apologizing for his disgusting behaviour the other day!


Scaring her?  As in scaring by waking her up through indecent behaviour?  That is very normal too, nothing worth thinking about.


He was too impatient?  Yeah, he kind of was.  He kissed her deep, right from the start; he was too vigorous.  But- but, he said ‘impatient’.  Does he mean that in the way she interprets it or….


What does he mean by that?


Too impatient?  It can’t be that he means the development is too fast and he should have done everything, one step at a time?




That basically means that he has set his eyes on her, just he shouldn’t have been too hasty.


Who gave him that much confidence?  So what is he is a prince; she right now is a princess too!  What made him so sure she will be eaten by him?


Even though she too was a little muddle-headed at that time….. Even though, she too kind of likes him, that doesn’t mean he can simply cross the line like that!  He completely disrespects her!  As if she is already set to throw herself to him!



The three women thinks of their own things.  None of them notice a silhouette walking by from behind the pavilion.


The incoming person ignores Xiu Er and Zi Er’s alarmed eyes and walks straight towards Lan Qin Yu.  He lowers his head to look at her; why does she looks so agitated?  Why does she looks like she has hit her head on something and has turned silly?


“Wei!  Wake up!  Did you hear what I said to you?” he waves his hands in front of Lan Qin Yu.  She reacts belatedly at his arrival.


In front of her is a complete stranger who looks really handsome.  His lips carry traces of smile that contains playful mocking.


Who is he?  She don’t think she has seen him before….


But he looks kind of familiar as well….


“Take your hands away.  Don’t it ache from all that waving?” She finally snaps out of her thoughts and regains her usual poisonous tongue.


“Why?  Don’t tell me our princess is having spring thoughts?”


(TN:  Spring thoughts = Thinking about love but it can also means having dirty +18 thoughts.)


That man supports his cheek with one hand before nodding to himself in affirmation.   Lan Qin Yu secretly laughs; such serious expression does not suit that man.


He clearly looks like one of the cheerful folks.


The man steps forward before tipping up Lan Qin Yu’s chin with a roguish expression, “Your Highness looks like a blooming flower and a fine jade.  I would really like to admire you.”


Lan Qin Yu blanks out for a moment; not because of his action, but because of his words.  She feels like something is wrong somewhere.


His action suddenly reminds her of what happened yesterday.  She is getting played at by two people for two straight days.


Even if she is that pretty….


Okay, modesty.  She needs to learn to be modest, ha ha ha!


She can see that this man wants to play with her.  Alright!  Such a coincidence; she too needs something distracting.


But, he must not blame her oh!