POTW-WDTTMAE – Chapter 26

Chapter 26

Disposing the Empress


The matter of Xia Hou Shang Yue poisoning Princess Xun Ran has spread amongst the court’s officials.  The entire country is upset at this empress who is bound to topple kingdoms.


The entire court, other than the few who are in antagonistic faction, begs the emperor to depose the empress.


Bai Yu Chen frowns as he sits on the dragon seat.  It’s not like he hasn’t consider deposing the empress, but right now, Yue Kingdom couldn’t afford to have another war with Mu Kingdom.  Moreover, Consort Yu from Mu Kingdom is the most beloved eldest princess of Yun Kingdom.  Yun Kingdom on the other hand, has a fairly good relationship with Xian Kingdom.  If they do end up in a war, it will be three kingdoms against one.


He knows that deposing the empress can comfort the hearts of the ministers and the people, but he also knows that one cannot lose big over something small.


“Grand Tutor Jiang, zhen would like to hear your opinion.”


The Grand Tutor, Jiang Qin Li, steps out upon hearing Bai Yu Chen.  He was once Bai Yu Chen’s teacher, and because of that, he completely understands the young emperor.


He knows that Bai Yu Chen doesn’t want to depose the empress.  If he does, the ministers wouldn’t even need to bring this up during the court; he would’ve done that long ago.  The emperor just wanted to borrow his mouth to lists out the disadvantages of deposing Xia Hou Shang Yue.


“Answering Your Majesty, from how this official sees it, deposing the empress is something that must not happen.  Our kingdom isn’t strong enough to fight with the three countries yet.  Besides, there is no proof that the empress really perpetrated the poisoning incident.  If Your Majesty depose the empress at this moment, it will bring the entire Yue Kingdom into a dangerous territory.  This move is akin to touching one hair and affecting the entire body.  Please reconsider, Your Majesty!”


Once Jiang Qin Li finish speaking, the prime minister; Yan Zong Ren immediately steps out.


“Grand Tutor Jiang, the empress pulled this kind of move; if she continues staying in the harem, we will never be at ease.  It will be hard for us to close other people’s mouths too.  If this poisonous empress continues to stay here, we will put the emperor’s life in danger.  Don’t tell me you want His Majesty to endanger himself and live with this dangerous woman?”


“True!  The emperor’s safety is the most important thing here!”


“Yes!  The emperor’s dragon body has to be protected!”





Yan Zong Ren is very satisfied with the ministers’ behavior, he glance at the Grand Tutor arrogantly.


“Your Majesty, this official think that deposing the empress is a must!  An empress is the mother of the nation; virtuous and benevolent.  This Princess Yue Feng actually poisoned the grand empress dowager and the princess, this kind of woman is not suitable to sit on the empress’ seat.  This official begs Your Majesty to think on behalf of the jiangshan and depose the empress.”


“This official begs Your Majesty to think on behalf of the jiangshan and depose the empress.”  At Yan Zong Ren’s prompt, the other ministers kneel to beg him.  Bai Yu Chen didn’t speak, his hand grips the handrail of the dragon seat.  He looks over to Jiang Qin Li.


Jiang Qin Li understands that his turn to speak has arrived again.  Never mind, just consider this him repaying the previous emperor’s grace.  He will risk his old life today to prevent the deposing of the empress.


He looks at Yan Zong Ren, harrumphing coldly.  He flings his sleeves as he looks at the kneeling ministers.


“Prime Minister Yan, don’t thinks others doesn’t know what you are after.  You are urging the emperor to depose the empress so your daughter can be conferred as the new empress.”


“Grand Tutor, what you said isn’t right.  The empress seat is originally for kind and benevolent women.  If my daughter fits the bill, there is nothing I can say.”


Yan Zong Ren harrumphs as he replies Jiang Qin Li.  He truly does have that intention.  If they successfully banish the empress this time, he will put out the proposal to make Yan Ruyu the new empress.  After all, his daughter is an outstanding maiden.  Even though she can’t be compared to Xia Hou Shang Yue, she still can be considered as a phoenix amongst the mortals.  Becoming an empress isn’t impossible for her.


“The prime minister’s abacus is truly accurate.  Unfortunately, this old one is adamant to not let you get what you want!”


After saying that, Jiang Qin Li kneels on the floor, kowtowing heavily in front of Bai Yu Chen.  Not long later, blood starts forming on his forehead.


“Grand Tutor, you don’t have to be like this.  Just say what you want to say!”  Bai Yu Chen has always respects this teacher of his; he immediately stops him from kowtowing.


“Your Majesty, from this official’s opinion, deposing the empress or not is Your Majesty’s family affair.  You don’t have to consider the officials’ opinion.  This official knows you already have a decision deep inside.  This official is willing to die if it can stop you from making the wrong decision.  This official is willing to put his life on the line to guarantee that the empress wasn’t the one who perpetrated the poisoning incidents.  Please think thrice, Your Majesty!”


After saying that, Jiang Qin Li continues kowtowing; his entire forehead is now covered with blood.  Bai Yu Chen suddenly gets up and walks over to him before personally helping him up.


“You are zhen’s teacher, zhen naturally understand your kind intention.  What you said was right, deposing the empress is zhen’s family affair.  It shouldn’t be discussed in the morning court.”


At Bai Yu Chen’s cold voice, Yan Zong Ren’s heart becomes a mess.  That Jiang Qin Li’s death threat actually works!  Even though he was unwilling, he keeps his mouth shut.


“The emperor is wise!”


“The emperor is wise!”


In the end, the tide turns over because of Jiang Qin Li’s death threats.  Bai Yu Chen then ignores the ministers and walks out of Jin Luan Palace.


“The morning court ends!”  Hai Cheng waves his whip as his shrill voice fills the Jin Luan Palace.  Then, he hastily goes after Bai Yu Chen.


“The Grand Tutor, I truly admire you ah!  You actually put out a death threat.  I wonder what Princess Yue Feng offered you.  You actually puts your life on the block to protect her.”


“Hmph, I am not the same as you, Prime Minister.  You actually did so many calculations for your daughter.  I was thinking for the land, not for my own gain!  My heart is clear!  How can you risk Yue Kingdom becoming the target of three other kingdoms for your personal gain!  What about the common populace?”


Each and every word that comes out of Jiang Qin Li’s mouth are pearls.  Yan Zong Ren’s face reddens.  In the end, he only harrumphs coldly before waving his sleeves and walking away.


Seeing the unfriendly air between the Grand Tutor and the Prime Minister, the rest of the officials hastily disperse.  Jiang Qin Li raise his head and look at the big writing in the middle of the hall, ‘For the People.’ He sighs before turning around to leave.  The morning air falls on his frail figure, making him look even more lonely and desolate.


He will definitely do his best to help the emperor manage the country; he will do this for the previous emperor!  He will also stop anyone from leeching off of the emperor for their own gains!


Late emperor ah, your soul has to bless this old one!  I hope I was right!  I hope it really wasn’t the empress!





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