POTW-WDTTMAE – Chapter 25

Chapter 25

Youxiang Making It’s Appearance Again



Xia Hou Shang Yue reclines on the bed, the letter in her hand drifting to the ground.  No way; there is no way her imperial father would do that!


From the beginning till the end, her expression remains calm.  Even though she has a hard time accepting it, she didn’t let it show.


She gets off the bed and picks up the two papers; folding it before keeping it with her.  This is an important matter, she must not act rashly.  Even though her imperial father has opened his mouth this time, she will not do his bidding.


Once determined, Xia Hou Shang Yue close her eyes and drifts off to sleep.


As the entire palace is enveloped with darkness, someone did something despicable.


The next day, just like every other day, the imperial palace gets busy.  Xia Hou Shang Yue gets up early to practice writing in the flower hall.  After reading her imperial father’s letter last night, her ever-peaceful heart is bombarded by waves of uneasiness.  Because of that, Xia Hou Shang Yue gets up before dawn to practice writing to calm herself down.


“Mistress, you woke up early!”


Xue Wu is carrying a bowl of swallow’s nest.  She place it on the table.  Seeing the large number of papers accumulating on the floor, she picks one up to have a look.  Large and big character of ‘calm’ is written on them.  She picks them all up and arrange them on the table.


Her mistress will always practice writing every time she is in bad mood; it is a way for her to vent.  And all she would write is the character of ‘calm’ written in big writing.


She has no idea what her mistress’ worry is this time.  Ever since Xue Wu came out of the dungeon the other day, her entire person matured down.  She now knows the things she can or cannot ask.


“Xue Wu, take these papers away.”  Xia Hou Shang Yue puts down her brush and massage her sore shoulder.  Looking at the time, turns out she had practiced for four hours.  No wonder she feels tired.


“Mistress, Shui Tian is back!”  Xue Wu gently said after putting away all the things.


Xia Hou Shang Yue who is drinking the bird’s nest frowns.  He returns so fast, did he complete all the things she asked him to?


“Tell him to wait for me in the side-room.”


Xue Wu replies with a sound before turning away to leave.  As she sits on the couch, Xia Hou Shang Yue wonders why she is suddenly afraid to ask Shui Tian about the things she asked him to do.  After seeing her imperial father’s letter last night, she is especially nervous to know about the result of his investigation.


She heaves a long sigh and force herself to calm down.  She decides to face whatever it is that Shui Tian managed to investigate.  With that in mind, Xia Hou Shang Yue gets up and leaves the flower hall.


“Xue Wu, you keep guard.  Don’t let anyone comes close to the room.”


Xue Wu nods.  She close the door tight as she leaves.  Shui Tian is standing at a dark corner; he quickly pays his respect upon seeing Xia Hou Shang Yue entering.  She stops him.


“Tell me all the information you gets.”  Even though she force herself to sound calm, her entire face is full of solemnity; completely different from her usual indifference.


“When we got here, His Majesty indeed sent a few people to protect princess.  As for the matter regarding youxiang, I couldn’t find any proof that suggests it was those people’s doings. But I also couldn’t find any proof that says they didn’t do it.  I can’t be certain as to whether those people are here to protect you or to monitor you to seek opportunities to provoke diplomatic issues between the two countries.”


After he finish speaking, Shui Tian suddenly remembers something.  “Ah!”


“What?  Is something wrong?”


“Mistress, on my way back, I seek shelter in an abandoned temple because of rain.  I overheard two people speaking about how someone else lifted their hand faster than them and about what punishment is waiting them after their return.  Judging from their accent, they should be from Mu Kingdom.  I picked this up from the ground after they left.”


Shui Tian hands her a small and exquisite medal.  Upon seeing the pattern and the writing on the medal, an indescribable expression plays out in Xia Hou Shang Yue’s face.


She grasp that medal.  As expected, the marriage alliance isn’t as simple how it appears to be.  How could her imperial father do this to her?


She connects everything that Shui Tian reported to the letter her imperial father sent her.  Pain emerges in Xia Hou Shang Yue’s heart.  Her imperial father, the man who had doted on her for sixteen years would never do this to her!  He wouldn’t!


Putting away the medal, Xia Hou Shang Yue compose her expression and looks at Shui Tian earnestly.


“Shui Tian, can I trust you?”


Hearing her, Shui Tian’s heart suddenly aches.  His heart is bursting with the desire to protect her.  Even though his mistress is cold, she is still a woman.  One that needs a man’s protection!


“Mistress, Shui Tian swears that Shui Tian will remain loyal to you for the rest of his life!  No matter what the circumstances are, Shui Tian will never sell you off!”


She nods, looking at Shui Tian.  After a while, she finally opens her mouth again.  “Shui Tian, remember; you must never leak out everything that I said today and everything that you investigated!”


“Mistress!  Mistress!”


Upon hearing Xue Wu’s panic-stricken voice, Xia Hou Shang Yue walks out of the room, only to see Bai Yu Chen standing angrily at the entrance of Feng Qi Palace.  Gong Sun Jin is right behind him.


“Empress, why did you poison Xun Er with youxiang?”


Youxiang?  It appeared again?


Xia Hou Shang Yue freezes; seems like she has truly tread into a confusing web of conspiracy.  She didn’t even have youxiang, how can she poison Xun Er with it?


“Your Majesty, chenqie didn’t!”


“You didn’t?  You think zhen will believe you again?  Jin wangye, zhen wants to know; is it true that youxiang can only be found in Mu Kingdom’s imperial palace?”


Gong Sun Jin looks at Xia Hou Shang Yue.  Even though he believes that Xia Hou Shang Yue didn’t do it, it is technically true that youxiang can only be found in Mu Kingdom’s palace.


“Yes, youxiang is a type of plant that is only planted in Mu Kingdom’s imperial palace.  They are generally used to poison concubines and ministers.  The poison acts fast and didn’t inflict pain.”


“Gong Sun Jin, how could you say that?”  Xia Hou Shang Yue looks at him while Xue Wu shouts from the sideline.  Bai Yu Chen harrumphs as he continues standing there, not entering Feng Qi Palace.  The two people confronts each other from where they stood.  After a long time, Bai Yu Chen looks away.


“Hai Cheng, take the empress to the Department of Personnel.  Zhen will personally investigate this!”



One comment

  1. What the….. “youxiang is a type of plant that is only planted in Mu Kingdom’s imperial palace. They are generally used to poison concubines and ministers. The poison acts fast and didn’t inflict pain.” if its true then thise who injest it should die immediately🙁


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