POTW-WDTTMAE – Chapter 22

Chapter 22

The Big Scheme


Mu Kingdom, Imperial Palace


A black silhouette flashes through.  The guards in charge rub their eyes but they cannot see a single person around.


“How is it?”  A cold, heartless voice speaks.  In the middle of the lonely night, the malevolent trace that his voice carries is made apparent.  A middle aged man sits on a big seat under the dim flicker of lanterns, motionlessly staring at a piece of painting.


“Master, someone lifted their hands before us.  And…… what they used is also our Mu Kingdom’s Youxiang.”


A hair-raising cold voice resonates in the middle of that dark night, one that belongs to a woman.


Youxiang, a poison that can only be find in Mu Kingdom.  Someone actually acted earlier than them.  That middle aged man gets up and walks towards that portrait.  He gently raises his finger and traces the cheek of the person in the picture.


Shi Shi….. Shi Shi……


“Do you know who that person is?”


“This subordinate is useless and failed to investigate who the perpetrator is.”


“You are right, you are useless.  Since I have no use of you, what is the point of keeping you!”  he waves his hand.  The subordinate who was trying to speak is immediately thrown to the floor, the sound of his blood flowing sounds really clear in that quiet night.


The man crouches and touches the blood with his fingers.  He brings it to his lips and licks it, a wicked expression panning out on his face.


“Shi Shi….. rest assured.  Everything that you suffered that year, I will help you pay them back tenfold.”  When he said that, his voice are gentle and warm, as though he is a different person from the cold man just now.  Pure unadulterated love flashes in his eyes.


“Your Majesty, it is almost time for the morning court.” A sharp voice informs from outside.  The middle aged man gets up and kicks a woman who is lying on the floor.  He harrumphed.  After opening the door, light starts to peek out on the sky outside. The wicked air along with the loving emotion disappears from his eyes, replaced by the façade of a domineering emperor.


“Throw out the corpse.  Clean the entire Imperial Study again.  Zhen does not wish to see even a spot of blood once zhen returns from the morning court.”


That middle aged man is the emperor of Mu Kingdom, Xia Hou Jun.


“This servant understands.”


The sun finally rises.


The imperial palace of Mu Kingdom appears even more exquisite underneath the morning light.  The Mu Kingdom is located in the south, the land of bridges and rivers.  The imperial palace is full of delicate details and elegance amidst the lofty buildings.


“Steward Rui, did the emperor spent the night in the Imperial Study again?” Mu Kingdom has no empress, the back palace has always been managed by Xia Hou Jun’s most beloved consort, Consort Yu.  Steward Rui quickly smiles upon seeing the purple dressed Consort Yu.


“Answering Your Ladyship, there are too many memorials last night, so His Majesty ended up sleeping the Imperial Study.  Your Ladyship need not worry.”


Even though Consort Yu is smiling charmingly, she is actually displeased inside.  Ever since the princess was married off to Yue Kingdom, the emperor spent almost all of his time in the Imperial Study.  She barely even sees his face anymore.


Consort Yu is the type that can easily read people.  Hearing what Steward Rui said, she smiles understandingly.


Bengong is only concerned about the emperor’s dragon body.  Since His Majesty is so busy, bengong will not bother him. This is a pot of soup bengong made for the emperor, I will have to trouble Steward Rui to give it to him after the morning court ends.”


Steward Rui accepts the food container, laughing in agreement.  After Consort Yu left, he stares at her silhouette while shaking his head.  The emperor is really fortunate to have such a considerate lady to care for the back palace.  All these years, Xia Hou Jun has never conferred an empress.  Because of that, the battles between consorts in the harem are vicious.  He only favors Consort Yu, so a lot of people are envious towards her.


After the morning court disperses, Steward Rui quickly make his way to Xia Hou Jun.  “Your Majesty, this is a soup made for you by Consort Yu.”


“Put it away.  Zhen does not want to drink it.  Is there any news about Yue Er?” Xia Hou Jun sits on a seat while rubbing his temple.  His entire person looks tired.  Ever since Yue Er married into Yue Kingdom, he has not been at peace.  He doesn’t if what he’s doing is right or wrong.


“Your Majesty, the princess— she——“


“What happened to Yue Er?”  Xia Hou Jun eagerly asks.  Steward Rui contemplates for a while before he speaks up.  “From what our people said, the princess was the prime suspect of the poisoning incident.  She was sent to the dungeon for a couple of days.  She received punishment and has only recovered now.”


Youxiang.  Someone indeed acted before them, just with an even more vicious method.


“Anything else?”  Xia Hou Jun calmly asks.  Steward Rui knows how much the emperor dotes on the princess, so he continues speaking.  “The grand empress dowager of Yue Kingdom likes our princess very much and believes she didn’t put the poison.  Because an envoy from Xian Kingdom will visit Yue Kingdom soon, the emperor personally took our princess out of the dungeon.”


Xia Hou Jun gets up and paces inside the Imperial Study.  After a while, a meaningful smile is formed on his lips.  “Bai Yu Chen didn’t want to lose face in front of Xian Kingdom’s envoy, that’s why he released Yue Er from the dungeon.  It’s a pity our plan failed.”


Steward Rui remains quiet and stand by the sideline with his head dropped.


An indifferent smile made it’s way to Xia Hou Jun’s face, “Declare zhen’s decree.  Tell Gong Sun Jin to visit Yue Kingdom.  He is to depart immediately.”


“But Gong Sun Jin and our princess—- Isn’t this a little too much towards our princess, Your Majesty?”


Xia Hou Jun harrumphs coldly, his eyes drifting far away while his face remains emotionless, “Too much?  Prosperity and glory did not come to someone for nothing.  Zhen favored her for sixteen years, it’s about time for her to do something for zhen.”


Steward Rui sighs, it has been sixteen years and the emperor still cannot close the gap between him and the princess.  He has never treated her sincerely.


“But doing this will be dangerous to the princess……”


Zhen only wants to avenge Shi Shi.  As for Yue Er, she can only depend on her own fortune…..”  Steward Rui’s heart turns cold at Xia Hou Jun’s heartless words.  Seems like the emperor’s heart only has Miss Shi Shi, he couldn’t care less about the princess.


“Then, this servant will immediately head to Jin Wang’s manor to deliver the decree.”


“Remember to tell our people to make full use of any opportunity.  Nothing should go wrong this time!”


When Gong Sun Jin receives the decree, he is taken aback.  Yue Kingdom is where Yue Er has been sent off to marry.  Why did the emperor appoint him as the envoy to Yue Kingdom?


Even though he is doubtful, thinking about meeting Xia Hou Shang Yue again makes him so happy.  It has been two months since he last saw her, his mind is full of her.


But nobody would ever expect that a huge scheme will start unfolding the moment Gong Sun Jin begins the journey.






    • WHAT THE ACTUAL FCCCCK. Poor Yue Er. Daaamn this really is some serious Game of Thrones shit. You can’t trust anybody. I wonder who Shi Shi is? Is she Yue Er’s mother? Or is she someone else?


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