POTW-WDTTMAE – Chapter 15

Chapter 15

Zhen Can Favor You, Can Also Kill You


“Young Miss!  Young Miss!”


Yan Ruyu lazily gets up from her bed, put on a coat and heads out.  “What are you yelling for!  Can’t even sleep in peace!”


Lu Zhu immediately lowers her head, you couldn’t have guessed the real personality of her young miss based on her gentle face.  Once she throws tantrum, you are done for!


“What’s wrong?  You were so noisy then, why aren’t you speaking now?”  Reclining on the noble consort’s chair, Yan Ruyu asked in disinterest.  Lu Zhu does not spot any displeasure on Yan Ruyu’s face anymore, only then can she finally speak in peace.


“Young Miss, the empress has been sent by the emperor to the dungeon.  They say the emperor even slaps her a couple of times!”


Lu Zhu’s information made Yan Ruyu sit up immediately as she looks at Lu Zhu in disbelief.  The emperor sent Xia Hou Shang Yue to the dungeon?  Such an elating news!


She will never be satisfied being only a Noble Consort, her ultimate goal is complete power over the back palace.  To be the true owner of the back palace.  Unlike now, even though she has the emperor’s favor, she has to endure the grand emperor’s dowager’s biting remarks every now and then.


“Where did you get the news?”


Yan Ruyu did not let her satisfaction shown, reclining on the chair once again as she asks.  Lu Zhu had followed her for many years, how can she not know her heart?


“I saw it with my own eyes.  I was near Ci Ning Palace this morning and saw the emperor slapping the empress.  I eavesdropped near the door and heard the emperor accusing the empress of poisoning the grand empress dowager and Princess Xun Ran.  After that, His Majesty sent the empress to the dungeon.”


The dungeon, the place concubines and servants fear of them most.  Even hearing it’s name is enough to scare people.  And now Bai Yu Chen sent Xia Hou Shang Yue to there.  Even if she evades death, there’s at least the punishment of removing skin.  Seems like her opportunity is here, she must make full use of this chance to get Bai Yu Chen’s heart once and for all.


“You can retreat.  Oh right, go to the kitchen and ask them to prepare the emperor’s favorite food.”


Lu Zhu smiles and immediately heads over to the kitchen.  Even though her impression of the empress is not bad, she still wish for only the best of her miss, wishing for her to sit on the empress’ seat.


Once Lu Zhu left, Yan Ruyu gets up and head towards her chamber.  She sits in front of the dressing table, looking at the beautiful smile on her face in the mirror and gets herself ready.


Ci Ning Palace on the other hand is still quiet.


The grand empress dowager and the princess still hasn’t woken up, so Bai Yu Chen and Bai Yu Xuan stand guards over there.


Remembering Xia Hou Shang Yue who has been sent to the dungeon for poisoning the grand empress dowager, Bai Yu Xuan frowns as he looks at the ever cold-looking Bai Yu Chen.   He can’t help but ask, “Imperial Brother, do you really believe Imperial Sister-in-law is the one who poisoned Imperial Grandmother and Xun Er?”


Upon remembering the sight of the two people laughing while chatting in front of Ci Ning Palace last night, a feeling of displeasure flashes within Bai Yu Chen.  Xia Hou Shang Yue can smile in front of other people, in front of everyone but him.  The only reaction she ever gave him was that cold and tranquil look of a dead person.  Is he worth less than Xue Wu?  Worth less than Old Seven?  (TN: Bai Yu Xuan)


This is the first time Bai Yu Chen feels angry over a woman’s indifference.  His right hand grip the handrail hard, to the point where his nails is embedded into the hard wood, but he didn’t feel any pain.


He originally planned to let her live her own way in Feng Qi Palace, but he didn’t think she would dare to disrupt the balance between them.  She actually dared to poison the grand empress dowager and the princess!


Turns out, underneath her beautiful face, there is a rotten heart.  There is a slight pain in Bai Yu Chen’s heart and he heads out without saying a word.


“Imperial Brother, I don’t think Imperial Sister-in-law is that kind of person!”


Bai Yu Xuan has no idea why, but a feeling keeps telling him that Xia Hou Shang Yue isn’t the kind of person who would do that.  Thinking about the terrifying place that is the dungeon, he unconsciously began worrying for her.


“Old Seven, how many times should zhen tell you to mind your position?  Don’t let your good intention harms the people you care about!”  Bai Yu Chen left Ci Ning Palace with those cold words.  This is the first time his heart has ever been this chaotic.  Deep inside, he too is worried if this really is Xia Hou Shang Yue’s doing.


He does not know why he feels like this.  Maybe it’s due to her position as the princess of the Mu Kingdom.  The current him is not strong enough to risk having an altercation with the Mu Kingdom, that must be why he didn’t want anything to happen to Xia Hou Shang Yue.


Bai Yu Chen heaves a long sigh, everything should wait until Imperial Grandmother wakes!  He frowns as he walk to Chong Yan Palace, but the frown smooth out in the blink of an eye and he takes large strides in.


“Your Majesty, how is the grand empress dowager and the princess?  Chenqie has been worrying about them!” Yan Ruyu hastily asks as Bai Yu Chen sits on one of the seats.  He coldly looks at her and only retrieves his eyes after a while.


“If you’re worried, you can go to Ci Ning Palace yourself.  Zhen is not a physician!”


Yan Ruyu blanks out before she smiles in embarrassment.  She personally pours him a cup of tea.  “Your Majesty is right, chenqie was negligent.  Here, drink some tea.  The grand empress dowager and the princess will definitely be alright!”


Bai Yu Chen drink the tea in silence and glance at Yan Ruyu who is standing not too far away.  He frowns, his expression unstable.


“You have been in the palace for quite a while now, are you still not aware of your own status?  You are a Noble Consort, not a maid!  Things like pouring tea is not yours to do!”  The teacup was slammed into the table.  Yan Ruyu’s entire body trembles as the smile on her face froze, is he angry at her?


The affection she receives the last half month made her think that Bai Yu Chen truly likes her.  But at this very moment, everything tells her that it was fake.   She was used by Bai Yu Chen to tell his betrothed how much he dislike her.




“That’s enough.   Zhen’s mood is not good, so the words were a little heavy.  You should not take it to heart.”  Seeing Yan Ruyu’s pair of eyes that has gotten watery, Bai Yu Chen immediately soften and says that.  He is afraid of a woman’s tears the most.  Upon hearing hs words, Yan Ruyu immediately smile.


Chenqie will not take it to heart, Your Majesty should not be upset as well.  This is all the empress’ fault.  She should not have used her position as the princess of the Mu Kingdom to poison the grand empress dowager and the princess.  If Your Majesty harms your own health over this matter, it will not be worth it.”


Bai Yu Chen looks at her and suddenly sneers.  He tips her chin, the force he uses could have crush it.  “Zhen said it, you must remember your own status.  The things you should or should not say, the things you saw that you must pretend you didn’t see!  Zhen can favor you, and zhen can also kill you.  The person who uses her status to do things she shouldn’t do, that person is you!”

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