Phoenix Overlooking the World – Who Dares to Touch My Abandoned Empress?

Alternative Name:

Abandoned Empress; 凤临天下:朕的废后谁敢动


Original Author:




Chinese Novel



Historical, Romance



In progress


Translator(s)/Translation Group:






Status: Dropped



Her position is high as the empress, but her life is worth that of an ant. She was given the cold shoulder by the emperor. On their wedding night, he cruelly told her, “You are a disgrace!”

His side consorts aggressively harm her, but he did not distinguish the right and the wrong. He punishes her heartlessly, stabbing her in the chest, almost taking her life. But she merely laughs, enduring everything. She calculates every step she takes, the fiery urge for revenge within her softening him like poison, compelling him to drink more, to quench his thirst even though it is detrimental to him.

When he wholeheartedly gave his heart to her, putting it all in her hand while saying, “Yue Er, no matter how many women I have, the only woman in my heart is you.” She gave him a cruel smile, “Thank you, but you are not in mine.”

“In this lifetime, I will definitely obtain your heart.”


Table of Contents:


    • Please translate ‘Phoenix Overlooking the World: Who Dares to Touch My Abandoned Empress?’. It’s a book I started reading today but it’s only translated up to chapter 27 and has 500+ in total. It’s supposed to be a romance angst novel but so far both the romance and angst isn’t fully there yet (for me atleast) only an insurmountable amount of anger that would have made me cough blood had I the ability to (ISSH anyone?).

      I would read the raw but I don’t know Chinese and Google Translate does a terrible job which takes away the pleasure one gets from reading especially since the poor translation really makes the work lose substance. I’ll also try posting on NU and other sites but I’m not sure if anyone will see it. If you are able to translate it, I’d be really thankful if you can’t I’ll still be thankful since I know there are legal processes to these things. Atleast I hope you’d be able to tell me where else I can ask to have it translated to English


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