TFIC – Chapter 52

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Chapter 52

The Trip Out of the Palace


Unable to talk Lan Qin Yu out of it; at the end of everything, Mo Yun can only agree to accompany her.


Lan Qin Yu says that she has forgotten something in Ling Feng Palace; she runs off like a wind and rushes back as soon as she can.  There is now a small bundle in her hand.


“What is this?” They are only going out to play, why is she carrying this?  There is something bulging inside the bundle.


“This is good stuff.  It will come to use once we leave the palace,” Lan Qin Yu blinks cheekily, pretending to be mysterious and all.


This is her treasure ah!




With Mo Yun’s escort and her putting on the clothes of Mo Yun’s entourage, they goes out of the palace unhindered.


Xiu Er and Zi Er are left in the palace; only she and Mo Yun goes out this time.


Though they managed to leave the palace without much hassle, that does not means nobody finds out about their little excursion.  A couple of people dressed as spies trails after them from behind.


Outside the imperial palace is the kingdom’s capital, Feng City.


(TN: Feng City (风城) means Wind City.)


Since it is the capital, it is only natural for it to be bustling with people.  It reminds her of Beijing.


There are so many places to go, to the point where one does not know where to start.  It is a magnificent sight.


This is the first time Lan Qin Yu has ever left the palace after arriving here.  This is the first time she is seeing the buildings that are located out of the palace, the first time seeing the kind of lives the common people are living in.


It is awesome!


“Xiao Yun Yun, what are they doing over there?”




“Woah, Xiao Yun Yun, look over there!  Those people are juggling.”




“That looks very delicious.”


After Lan Qin Yu incessantly pesters him by calling him ‘Xiao Yun Yun’ as though her life depended on it, Mo Yun finally drags her into a restaurant with a forehead full of sweat and a twitch on his lips.


“Huh?  Xiao Yun Yun, you are already tired?  It hasn’t even been an hour and it’s not even lunch time yet.”


She already ate a lot of snacks before, so she isn’t really hungry.


Mo Yun simply sits there, not answering her.  What is wrong with him?  Why is he looking like that?


Is it because she didn’t give him some of her white-sugar cakes just now?  Or is it because she accidentally ate his osmanthus cake?  Or is he angry because he has to pay for everything that she ate?


It shouldn’t be so.  He is the Prime Minister, he shouldn’t really be that stingy.  The salary of a Prime Minister ought to be really high.


Then, why…….


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  1. I take it “Xiao Yun Yun” would be considered girly, or at least lacking masculinity. He could easily tell her he doesn’t wish to be called by this name; if he provided another nickname for her to use, it would be less humiliating, I imagine. It might even work…
    I figure he knows they’re being tailed, added to the stress of protecting her from the world, the world from her, and their reputations from harm, it’s exhausting him. If the prince or one of his more obvious agents is one of the people following them around, I can imagine Mo Yun’s head is probably steaming.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think he told her that before (can’t remember which chapter and she gave him sone options (which was worse) so he ended up agreeing (reluctantly and obstinately) on Xiao Yun Yun (If i remember it right, she gave him this nickname when she thought the prince and him got rumors about them having a relationship -please correct me if I’m wrong)

      Liked by 1 person

      • No, I think you’re right. I just don’t know enough about Chinese names/naming conventions to automatically know this is girly.


  2. Xiao Yun Yun there Xia Yun Yun that.. Aiya, Xiao Yun Yun is rather pitiful to be so tired after just an hour going out of the palace. I bet a certain prince right now is currently breaking something as he use a deathly aura of jealousy watching them right now. But… who cares! They would probably just get in a fight once she finds out he’s here. I like it when she’s more innocent and naive like that lol.

    Thanks for the chapter!

    Liked by 1 person

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