TFIC – Chapter 51


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Chapter 51

A Little Joke (2)


“Prime Minister!”




Lan Qin Yu crouches down while laughing, pinching his chin with her hand, “Xiao Yun Yun, weren’t you trying to molest this princess?  How does the pond water tastes like?  Is it salty or is it sweet?”


This is actually the water of the palace’s Jade Pond; that was she being extremely courteous to him already.


“Xiao Yu——“ he grits his teeth.  That girl already knew it was him yet she chose to play along anyway.


“You cannot blame me, Xiao Yun Yun.  You delivered yourself into my doorstep.”  He actually helped her get over the knot in her heart, she really needs to thank him.


What can Mo Yun say?  He can only sigh, and sigh again before settling down on the ground.


“I didn’t know you have this ability, Xiao Yun Yun.”


Don’t tell her this mask is made from actual human skin.  A face mask made of human skin!  Ha ha!


“How do you make this?  Don’t tell me it is made of….”


Mo Yun who is drying his hair with a towel that Xiu Er handed him rolls his eyes at her question.  “Xiao Yu, don’t you dare ask me if this is made of real human skin.  This is made of the skin of an animal from Mo Liu Kingdom.  It’s skin is very close to that of human’s skin.”


Lan Qin Yu laughs twice; of course using a human skin is impossible!  Just imagining about it makes her feels a little sick; how can one puts on the skin of someone they don’t know on top of their face?


How disgusting…


“You are really something!  You clearly knew it was me, why did you push me anyway?  I am completely soaked now and my appearance is ruined.”


Honestly, he doesn’t look as bad as he is describing himself to be, “No, not really.  You look sexy.”


His soaked white robes are clinging onto his body, exuding an indescribable kind of appeal.  Even Xiu Er and Zi Er are now blushing after they have finished laughing at him.  They are so cute.


Mo Yun chokes a little at Lan Qin Yu’s honesty.  He clears his throat.  No matter what, Lan Qin Yu is now a princess, she should assume the bearing of one.  How can she goes around, harassing the kingdom’s prime minister?


“Let’s stop talking about this.  Just consider me unlucky.”  Other than acknowledging that, there is nothing else he can do.  He should have come to term with that earlier, yet he just had to try and see if he can fool her.  In the end, the one who suffer is himself.  Perhaps, this is the so-called: ‘The evil we brought onto ourselves is the hardest to bear.”


“Oh right.  Xiao Yu, the reason you came to see me today must not simply be to let me drink the water of this pond.”


“Of course not!  I didn’t even know you can change face!  I didn’t even plan to do that!”


Black lines appear on Mo Yun’s head.  She is basically implying that he was the one who seek trouble.


“Tell me.  Why are you looking for me?”


Looking from the way she acts, it shouldn’t be something big.  In fact, Mo Yun is sure she wouldn’t trouble herself with anything big.  She is the kind of people that likes to avoid trouble.


A couple of days ago, he asked her why she rejected the emperor’s suggestion to send her and Chen Tao to the disaster area to deal with the post-drought land.  She had replied him with, “I came up with the plan with the intention of really helping the victims.  Besides, I want to get out of the limelight for now.  Will dealing with the post-drought matters help me get food on the table?  Why should I seek trouble for myself?  The wires in my head are still fine, thank you very much!”


Even though he does not know what ‘the wires in her head’ means, he can tell that it doesn’t mean anything good.


After saying such bold and grand words, he doesn’t think she will get herself involved in anything big any time soon.


“Actually, I want to….”


The two people whispers with each other for a while.  Zi Er and Xiu Er cannot hear them.  After a while, Mo Yun calls out in alarm, “Goes out of the palace?!”






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