TFIC – Chapter 48

Chapter 48

A Messy Mind


Slowly regaining his reasoning, that handsome face that was filled with lust slowly returns to it’s original calm appearance.  He casually helps Lan Qin Yu put back on her half unbuttoned dress.


Just one kiss is enough to almost make him lose his control; this is so unlike him!


He is half angry and half glad over Zi Er’s intrusion.  He is angry that she interrupted his good things but also glad that he does not simply takes her.


If he forces her for it, she may not necessarily reject him, but…..  He does not wish to take her in that manner.


“What are you standing there for? Hurry and bring in another basin!”


Zi Er who is still overwhelmed quickly regains her mind.  “T-this servant will go get them now!”


They cannot blame her for being astounded.  Zi Er is rash by nature and seeing such a forbidden scene will naturally take it’s toll on her.


Even though they are not blood related siblings, they are still brother and sister by name.


Is this what they call taboo love?


It really— it almost gives her a nosebleed!  It is so hard not to get stirred!


The two of them are left in the room after she left.  The air of ambiguity still lingers around as silence stretches between them.


He outstretches his hand and gently stroke her hair before leaning over to peck her forehead, “I am sorry for scaring you.  I am too impatient.”


She naturally closes her eyes.  That seems to be the right thing to do at that moment.  She does not think too much…


Feng Tian Qing changes his clothes and goes to greet the emperor albeit a little late.


Surprisingly, Lan Qin Yu is no longer as nervous and anxious as she was before.  She gets up and cleans herself before changing her clothes.  She even lets Xiu Er arrange her hair.


Later, the scene is as such:


Lan Qin Yu sits in a pavilion while holding an exquisite pastry.  She simply holds it and does not eat it while staring at a fake rockery in a daze.


Zi Er and Xiu Er quietly stand behind her.  Whilst Xiu Er is calm, Zi Er is getting restless; time and time again asking Xiu Er whatever is wrong with their princess.


After witnessing what she saw yesterday, Zi Er told everything to Xiu Er.  She does not give any particular reaction, simply saying, “Do not simply enter His Highness’ chamber next time.”


Zi Er is still young; she doesn’t find it wrong to ask about things she does not understand.  But Xiu Er has been in the palace for a number of years; she has seen quite a lot.  Even though she does not know what is going on between the princess and the prince, she knows that this is not something they can concern themselves with.


They can only quietly serve from the sideline and wait until the princess smoothen her mind.  Things will naturally turn for the better once she does.


Besides, having served this princess for a couple of months, Xiu Er knows she has a whirlwind mood.  She knows for sure that it will not be long before the princess will be back to how she originally was.


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