TFIC – Chapter 47

Chapter 47

Accidental Shot While Polishing the Gun



(TN: This is a rather mature chapter.  Read at your own discretion!)




This is clearly an indecent assault!  H-h-h-he is taking advantage of her!


This rotten man!  He is kissing her in her sleep!


Lan Qin Yu starts to struggle; punching and kicking him.


But, the man overpowering her didn’t even move, exerting even more effort in the war between their lips.  He is clearly trying to rouse her.


She obviously isn’t going to fulfill his wish; she tries her best to get his tongue out of her mouth.  But this jerk…. This jerk’s ability to flirt is truly no joke.  Never mind him kissing her, even his hands are crooked like his personality.  His hands actually went past her clothes and are now currently caressing her back.   He purposely taps her backside with his fingertips.


A numb feeling overpowers her body.  Lan Qin Yu’s entire body softens up, helplessly pressing herself against his chest.   She is half-pushing and half-responding.


Upon realizing that she is getting out of breath, Feng Tian Qing finally lets go of her to let her breathe properly.


But…. Everything does not end there.  His aim starts to change and before long, he begins peppering his kisses on her chin and neck, alternating between sucking and licking.  His kisses leave apparent love bites; one that can make people blush.


What is this called?


This is called ‘the situation becomes even more aggravated’.


But her body at the moment is entirely weak, she has no way to resist him!  Lan Qin Yu wants to weep but at the same time, cannot stop herself from moaning lightly.


Her desire is slowly being ignited by him; this is the situation she fears the most.  If she still does not stop him, she will be eaten for sure.


She does not want that, she does not plan on losing her body this fast.  She still wants to live in a simple manner for a couple more years.


But…. Oh please, brother!  Can you not be so vigorous?  Why is your method so good anyway?  Do you change beds often?


Lan Qin Yu once again tries to push him away, trying to call out this big grey wolf who has been overpowered by desire.  Unfortunately, a smaller frame means littler energy.  Who can stop this big grey wolf?


Little Red Riding Hood is about to be eaten!




“Princess, it is time to get up!”  Ever since Lan Qin Yu arrives here, Zi Er has never been one to act carefully around her.  Today is not an exception.  Without the slightest bit of hesitation, she pushes open the door and enters the chamber while carrying a basin of water.


If this had been the usual day, she would throw the biggest tantrum over having her sleep disturbed.  But today, she is really grateful to that kid!


Someone is finally here to save the Little Red Riding Hood!  The heavens have eyes!




The basin she is holding falls onto the floor as she covers her mouth with her hand.  Her entire face turns red, like a boiled duck.


P-Princess and the prince…..


Both of them are ambiguously stack on top of one another on the bed.  The lady’s dress has been slipped open and her shoulders are half-exposed, littered with suspicious red marks.


Both of them had been kissing when she entered and now, one of them is glaring at her angrily while the other is looking at her in gratitude.


But still…. What is this?  They…?


The princess and the prince…..?

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