TFIC – Chapter 46

Chapter 46

Accidental Shot While Polishing the Gun


“Your Highness, you are acting out of character lately.”


Lan Qin Yu has been sitting in the imperial garden in a daze for a couple of hours already.


Xiu Er is patient and can keep her silence by the sideline, but Zi Er has long lost her patience.


When you put it like that, Lan Qin Yu has been acting out of character ever since the grand ceremony.  Perhaps the situation is out of her expectation, maybe she doesn’t know how to react to her new life.




Let’s rewind back to the day after the ceremony.


Lan Qin Yu is sleeping uncomfortably under the quilt.  Feng Tian Qing is sitting on a seat next to the bed, leaning onto it pathetically.


The bed suddenly moves, waking Feng Tian Qing up.  He frowns.  His sleep is originally light, the lightest kind of movement is enough to wake him up.


The time should be around noon….


He actually woke up this late today.  How rare.


Lan Qin Yu’s eyes are still tightly shut, showing no signs of waking up.  He sighs.  She slept for so long, it should be enough, right?


“Lan Er, wake up….”


No response.


“Lan Er, wake up.  It’s late…”  His voice is louder and harder than before.


She continues sleeping, unperturbed.


She sleeps like a pig……


He silently looks at the person on the bed.  Her originally pink and delicate skin looks flushed as she sleeps.  Her cherry lips…. Her appearance looks very tempting, making it hard for people to hold back…


“You cannot blame me, Lan Er….”  He leans down towards her, placing his lips on top of hers.  It gives him a cool and comfortable sensation.


He originally wanted to use this as an excuse to wake her up, but after pecking her, he realizes he cannot bring himself to draw back.


He bit her lower lips in spite before licking the corner of her lips.  She still doesn’t show any reaction.  He smiles and vaguely says, “Then, I will not be courteous anymore….”


Without any sort of resistance from the person below him, he easily enters her mouth, their tongues intertwining.  Even though there is no response from the other party, he will slowly incite one.




See, isn’t she starting to reacting?



Hot.  Her body feels very hot.  Something seems to be moving inside her lips; Lan Qin Yu impatiently moves.  Feng Tian Qing is stunned.


The girl actually made such a tempting action, is she trying to challenge his self-control?


Obviously, that is just his opinion.  The other party only feels uncomfortable and can vaguely feel something creating disturbance inside her mouth; she only wants to put the disturbing thing away.


Her eyes slowly open.  Because she has only woken up, her sight is blurry for a moment.  She can faintly see a handsome face staring at her with an unpleasant smile.


Feng Tian Qing?


She can feel a hand touching her waist.  Feng Tian Qing releases her lips for a moment.  Seeing her all woken up, he dives in for another kiss.


What is he doing?  Sneakily attacking her?




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