TFIC – Chapter 45

Chapter 45

The Grand Ceremony (2)



The ceremony should be considered simple, right?  Just, the official in charge of reading the history of the kingdom is reading a tad too slow.  The ceremonial rites are draggy too.  The wine here tastes the same as the modern world, but the after-effect is so big it makes one wants to curse to everyone they see.


Shit!  She has no idea how many people she had secretly cursed.  Who came up with such elaborate ritual?  Fortunately, the clothing of ancient era are wide and layered.  As long as the movement of her hand is not big enough, no one will notice anything off.  She secretly repositions her numb legs and try to lessen the strain in her neck.  If this goes on, she will ignore conduct and just sit on the floor!


Perhaps the gods pity her, or isn’t willing to see such an embarrassing situation, just as Lan Qin Yu thought she cannot do it anymore, the ceremony comes to an end.


Arriving early is not as good as arriving at the right time; perhaps that saying refers to situations like this.


The moment she arrives in Ling Feng Palace, Lan Qin Yu takes off the heavy headgear on top of her head before shedding the layers and layers of clothing on her body.  The only layer left is a set of inner dress that is akin to a nightdress in modern times.  And then, she lies supine on top of the large, soft bed.  After that, she proceeds to fall asleep.  She will not stir no matter how many times Zi Er and Xiu Er calls for her.


“Never mind, no need to wake her.  She must be really tired.  Let her sleep in peace.”  Feng Tian Qing fixes the quilt for her in heart-ache before he smoothens the bangs on her forehead.




“There is no ‘but’.  All of you can retreat.”


Zi Er hesitates.  Why is the Second Prince so nonchalant, this is…..


Seeing the look in Feng Tian Qing’s eyes, Xiu Er wordlessly drags Zi Er away.  She doesn’t know what will happen to them if they don’t leave.


After closing the door, Zi Er whispers, “But this is the Second Prince’s personal resting chamber.  If the princess sleeps on the bed, where will the prince sleep at?”  She can only secretly guess; she doesn’t say it out loud and Xiu Er doesn’t plan on answering her either.


As for why Lan Qin Yu goes to Feng Tian Qing’s palace instead of the You Ning Palace bestowed by the emperor?


The reason is simple; because Feng Tian Qing’s palace is closer!  Actually, You Ning Palace and Ling Feng Palace is close to each other.  But for the Big Miss Lan Qin Yu whose feet is about to fall off, her first choice will naturally be the closer one!


As for whether or not Feng Tian Qing will try something on her….  Lan Qin Yu has one thought before falling asleep: He will not be interested in a girl who is sleeping like a pig.  Even if he decides to do something, he has a good-looking face so it’s not like she will be suffering from a loss.


But naturally, the dignified Second Prince, Feng Tian Qing will not have inappropriate bearing.  Lan Qin Yu comfortably sleeps until the next day.


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