TFIC – Chapter 44

The Grand Ceremony  (1)





That is unlike her.


“Lan Er.  Lan Er!” Feng Tian Qing feels like hes is about to suffer from headache as he push Lan Qin Yu who is in a daze.  She is in an internal conflict, should she be Princess Zi Wei or the Mischievous Princess?


(TN:  Princess Zi Wei and Mischievous Princess (Diao Man Gong Zhu) are from two famous chinese dramas.   Princess Zi Wei is the gentle and virtuous princess from Huan Zhu Ge Ge while Situ Jing is the stubborn and unruly female lead from the Mischievous Princess.)


This woman can’t even do her hair quietly; she keeps moving.  Who knows what she is thinking of inside?


“By the way, how long will the ceremony be?”  Ancient ceremonies seem to have lots of long protocols.


Feng Tian Qing pulls up Lan Qin Yu whose hair is finally arranged to perfection, “It will not take too long.  Only about four hours.”


Four hours?  That is not long for him?


When they have to stand in assembly in school back then, even an hour tires her to death.  Lan Qin Yu who was originally pretty excited to become a princess looks at Feng Tian Qing pitifully.


“Wei… That…. That….. Can I not be a princess?”  Her voice is very soft but he can hear her just fine.  He frowns, “What did you just said?”


Such a dangerous tone oh!  She can see the anger radiating from him.


The ceremony is minutes away and she dares to say she didn’t want to?


Actually, she knows that it is impossible to back out now.  She was just asking for the sake of asking ma!


“I was just asking!  Is that so wrong?”




A eunuch respectfully walks in, cutting off the two people’s conversation.  “Second Prince, Princess, the time for the ceremony is almost here.  Please go to Xuan De Hall.”


“We got it.  You can leave first, we will follow suit.”


The first time she entered Xuan De Hall, she was just a nobody who was mistaken as a wangzi fei, the second time she goes there, she actually enters the hall as a princess.  There are literary and military officials standing inside the hall to participate in her canonization ceremony.  Such an honor and glory for her part.  She, who has only been here for a couple of months actually manage to gather such a big crowd, this is considered not bad isn’t it?  She wonders what she will enter as, the third time.


Actually the conferring ceremony itself is simple.  First of all, the emperor’s eunuch, Eunuch Liu will read out the issued decree which is as following:


“By the grace of the heavens, the emperor decreed:  Lan Qin Yu cairen has made great contributions upon entering the palace.  She fostered friendly relationship with foreign kingdoms and helped solved the drought issue revolving Heng City.  Zhen confers Lan Qin Yu as Qing Feng Wang Dynasty’s princess, she is to be given the name Ruo Li and will be rewarded with ten thousand liang of gold and jewels.  She will live in You Ning Palace.  Qinci.”


(TN: Qinci marks the end of a decree.)


After that, she need to thank the emperor’s grace before paying respect to the emperor and empress.  Then, a historian from the court will recite the history of the dynasty.  Since she has entered the imperial family, might as well learn their history, no?  Then, she needs to pays respect to the previous emperor with three kowtows and nine curtsies.


At the end of everything, she needs to exchange wine with all the imperial children which is akin to, ‘From now onwards, we are family.  Let’s take care of each other!’


Lan Qin Yu is completely speechless.


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