TFIC – Chapter 43

Before the Ceremony


A couple of days after the locusts problem is solved, the emperor announced that the ceremony to confer Lan Qin Yu will be arranged three days after.  Backed by her previous ‘achievements’, nobody dares to protest.  They unanimously agrees that Lan Qin Yu has the qualification to become one.


The entire Ling Feng Palace is full of festive air on the day of the ceremony.  Lan Qin Yu excitedly plays with the official dress the emperor just sent.


‘Pretty’ is the first word she comes up with upon seeing the dress.  ‘Noble’ is what she thinks of upon seeing the patterns and designs embroidered on that dress.  ‘Complicated’ is what she thinks after trying it on.


“Why are the clothes in this place so troublesome?  There are layers and layers of them, it is like you want people to die!”  Lan Qin Yu repeatedly complains.


Her entire body feels heavy, as though she is carrying extra baggage.  Even walking drains her energy.  She suddenly remembers that one movie where the female lead had to wear a corset that was too tight she couldn’t breathe.  She ended up falling into the sea.  She feels like her current situation isn’t too different from that female lead.  Even though her dress isn’t as tight as that corset, it’s heaviness is enough to make it hard to breathe as well.


“Did you honestly believe you will wear your regular dress to the ceremony?” Feng Tian Qing raise an eyebrow.


Her putting on this dress complements the phoenix hairpin she puts on her head.  She is so pretty that it is hard for people to look away.


“Don’t tell me that princesses in this place of yours dress like dumplings every day?”  No way!  If so, she refuse to be this stupid princess.  She will not survive a few days wearing this!


“Princess, you cannot speak like that.  Can’t you see how pretty you are right now?”  Zi Er praises her sincerely while Xiu Er arrange Lan Qin Yu’s hair from the back.  She secretly agrees with what Zi Er said.


“Pretty?  What use can pretty be if I can’t even walk?”


It is summer right now and she can’t even wear anything remotely short-sleeved in this stupid place.  That alone almost drive her crazy and now they expect her to wear this many layers?


There are so many accessories on her head right now.  One hairpin after another, she almost becomes a porcupine!   The beauty standard in the ancient time is in dire need of improvement.


Might as well kill her now……



“Lan Er, don’t be ridiculous.  Don’t worry, you won’t have to wear all these all the time.  You only need to wear this during the ceremony to signify your identity as a member of the royal family.  From now on, you will share the same surname as me, ‘Feng.’”


Changing her surname?  Right!  Becoming the princess is like becoming the emperor’s daughter.  The emperor is surnamed ‘Feng’, so the daughter is naturally surnamed ‘Feng’ as well.  Now that she thinks about it, Tian Qing is also surnamed ‘Feng.’  She has no idea why, her heart suddenly feels light.  As though she has just become his family.


No!  Being families with him is not something to be happy about!  Lan Qin Yu shakes her head hard.  Moments later, she begins thinking about the benefits of being a princess.  En… she can casually calls people.  She can casually plays with people and no one will dare to talk back!  There is also…..


Ha Ha!  Why is she thinking about such insidious things!  She must not have that kind of mindset!  She must become a princess that is concerned for the kingdom, she must become an obedient and thoughtful princess!


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