TFIC – Chapter 42

Her Hindrance (2)


Feng Ji Lin’s palace,


Two black-clothed men are kneeling respectfully inside the chamber.  Their faces are covered with black clothes so one cannot see their appearance.  The only thing discernible from them are their eyes; which are filled with fear at the moment.


They are facing Feng Ji Lin’s back.  Even though they cannot see his expression, they can sense a murderous aura coming from him.


They are his secret guards and are also his assassins.  They have seen a lot of blood spills; so many lives have been taken by their swords.  They are not afraid of dying, but they are afraid of Feng Ji Lin.


Even though he has not said or done anything, the atmosphere in the chamber is ice cold; it almost feels like an ice cellar.


The quieter Feng Ji Lin is, the more scared they become.  They cannot stop themselves from guessing what upset the eldest prince this much.


Feng Ji Lin suddenly strike the table behind him with his palm.  It breaks into tiny little pieces.  The guards behind him trembles as they listen to his order “Investigate everything about Lan Qin Yu!  Where she comes from, who her families are, the people she knows; dig everything out!”


“This subordinates received your order!”  The two people doesn’t dare to linger; both of them disappears within the blink of an eye.


After a long time, Feng Ji Lin slowly turns around.  There is no trace of anger on his face.  The only indicator of his mood at the moment is his fisted hands.


Lan Qin Yu….. His lips hatefully mutter the three words, his heart burning in anger.


He knows his Imperial Father thinks highly of Tian Qing.  He even has the plan to instate him as the heir, but there are a lot of differing opinions from the ministers so he hasn’t completely made his decisions yet.


That gives him the time to strengthen his own power and gather more officials by his side.  He also plans to gather as many military seals as he can get.  He is sure, one day, his Imperial Father will change mind.


But now, this woman suddenly appears and solves all of his Imperial Father’s problems one by one.  He can see it in his Imperial Father’s eyes; the trust for Tian Qing and the appreciation for Lan Qin Yu.


He is confident that Lan Qin Yu will become his biggest stumbling block one day, perhaps even bigger than Feng Tian Qing.


The empress has already brought forth the suggestion of making Lan Qin Yu a princess, a month ago!  This must have been her preparation to make her Feng Tian Qing’s wangfei one day!


He will not allow anyone to hinder him!  Never!


At this moment, Lan Qin Yu who is reclining on a soft couch while chatting with Feng Tian Qing suddenly feels a burst of chill.  She covers herself with another robe before drinking the high grade Pu Er tea that came from Chi Lian.


None of them notice the danger that is slowly coming their way…….


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