TFIC – Chapter 41

Chapter 41

Her Hindrance


The emperor clears his throat, “Qin Yu, quick.  Tell zhen.”  The emperor is already impatient from the curiosity.


“Actually, it is very simple.  Locusts are often associated with severe drought.  After all, dry and warm areas are very crucial for their survival.  The drought-stricken area ticked all the boxes to ensure their growth and breeding.  This locust disaster is a type of disaster called derivatives disaster.  They are triggered by the drought.”


“So it is like that…..”


But, knowing what it is does not necessarily means she knows how to stop it.  Mo Yun speaks out, “What did you said to Chen Tao?”


“I told him to collect frogs, toads, sparrows and others in large number to be taken to Heng City.  Those animals are the natural enemies of locusts because they preyed on them.”


Feng Tian Qing is the first one to react, “So you told Chen Tao to release those animals if the locusts disaster takes place.”’


“Bingo!  That was exactly what happened!   I didn’t tell everyone from the start because I wasn’t sure if the disaster will happen.  If the drought ends in time, the habitat of the locusts will be destroyed and they will not be able to breed.  As for those animals, even if they could not take care of the locusts, they can be eaten by the victims of the drought, bringing temporary relief.”


See how kind she is?  Giving all the credits to those animals.  But still, she wasn’t the one who came up with this, so taking all the credits makes her heart a little uneasy.


Moreover, her popularity in the palace has soared lately, it rises even faster than the speed of light!  She has no interest to take credit for this matter.


“But those animals’ habitats are in more humid place, it is not suitable to keep them for too long in Heng City.  It is better to keep them in the surrounding areas that are suitable them.  If things like these happen again, we can use them to prevent the disaster in time.”


The emperor looks at Lan Qin Yu in appreciation and satisfaction.


Now that there is someone like Lan Qin Yu in Qing Er’s side, his heart is put to ease.  The empress has been talking about them these past few days.  He originally thought it is too early, but now he wants it done as soon as possible.


When he made Feng Tian Qing stay the other day, he implied that he wants Lan Qin Yu by his side even though he didn’t downright admits that he likes her.  The emperor secretly wonders when the two will be open with their hearts.


Seeing the pleased expression on the emperor’s face, the entire mood in the Imperial Study turns bright.  Feng Ji Lin is left glaring at Lan Qin Yu.


At this mment, Lan Qin Yu is too immersed in her own narcissism and didn’t notice the hateful glare she is receiving.


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