TFIC – Chapter 40

Chapter 40

The Change in the Disaster


Feng Tian Qing replies her, “Yesterday, we received reports that Chen Tao has reached the center of the disaster, Heng City.”


“If Your Majesty trust Qian Yu enough, just wait and see for the time being.”


Yun Qian Yu’s bold suggestion prompts the emperor to look at her with large eyes.  The locusts disaster is threatening the livelihood of the people; she wants him to wait and see?


Is she for real?  That’s what plays out in the minds of the crowd, but none of them dares to say it out loud.


The emperor is quiet, wondering if he should listen to her.  The matter is really big.


Lan Qin Yu pulls at Feng Tian Qing’s sleeves as she glares at him.  Last time, he didn’t speak up for her; even now he is leaving her to her own device.  Mo Yun wanted to speak for her, but Lan Qin Yu stop him.  She stubbornly wants it to be Feng Tian Qing.


Feng Tian Qing sighs in resignation and quickly steps forward.  “Imperial father, Qin Yu was the one who helped us come up with the countermeasure the last time.  Son believes she has her own idea this time around as well.”


“Tian Qing, you overestimates her!  She was just lucky the last time; we must not let her go on with her nonsense this time too.  This involves the lives of hundreds of thousands of people!” Feng Ji Lin scoffs at what Feng Tian Qing said.


Even if they hit him to death, he will not believe that Lan Qin Yu will be able to come up with ways to deal with this problem.


But things will occasionally goes against a person’s expectation.  The emperor unexpectedly agrees to Lan Qin Yu’s unconvincing suggestion.   He decides to give her ten days to see the results of whatever it was she came up with.


“Why are you so sure?” Feng Tian Qing asked.


“The secret must not be leaked.  When the time comes, you will naturally understand.”  Lan Qin Yu winks at him in mischief.


Ten days passes by, the emperor once again summoned Lan Qin Yu to the Imperial Study along with the ministers.   This time, contrary to the past two times, the atmosphere no longer carries that heavy and oppressive air.  Instead, there are sounds of laughter everywhere.  Naturally, they were only laughing in their hearts; no one dares to be so presumptuous as to laugh openly in the presence of the emperor.


“Official Chen dispatched his people to report to us that the population of locusts in the disaster area has been toned down.  Within half month, none of them will be left.” The kneeling minister reported that to the emperor.  He no longer has to worry about getting scolded; his entire person is relieved now.


“Good!  Good!”


“Qin Yu, how did you do it?”  Mo Yun is truly curious about what magic trick she performed this time.  She managed to solve the problem by sitting and waiting!


“Right!  Qin Yu, tell zhen, how did you know the locusts disaster will be curbed down?”  If she hadn’t known this would happen, she wouldn’t have been so confident ten days ago.


Everyone are curious about this as well; she didn’t seem to have done anything.  She was living normally in her chamber these past few days.  She didn’t do anything other than strolling in the imperial garden.  She didn’t meet anyone other than those from Ling Feng Palace.


“What did you said to Chen Tao a month ago?  It must have something to do with this locusts disaster.”  Mo Yun is the first to point out that fact.


Feng Tian Qing ponders for a while, gauging her out in a mixture of surprise and suspicion, “You knew from the start the locusts disaster would happen.  That was why you asked whether or not Chen Tao has arrived in Heng City ten days ago.  You already told him the steps to overcome the disaster from the very beginning.”


The rest of the people are startled by what Feng Tian Qing said.  She is that capable?


All eyes uniformly falls on her; stifling and piercing.


“Please don’t look at me like that…..” she nervously said.


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