TFIC – Chapter 39

 Chapter 39

The Change in the Disaster


Half a month later, Lan Qin Yu is in the Imperial Garden; verbally sparring with Liu Fei and Liang Fei to pass time.  This is her most interesting hobby yet.


Even though she hasn’t meet Noble Consort Yu after that day, Liang Fei and the gang didn’t lack any ridiculing words if it were to be directed towards her.  At the end of the day, they are always the one to suffer the defeat.


As they ‘cozily chats’, Mo Yun hastily passes by.


“Xiao Yun Yun———-“ before she even finishes speaking, Mo Yun has already drags her by the shoulder and takes her away.


“Xiao Yun Yun, why are you so hasty?  Where are we going?”


“Something happened in Heng City, that city that is suffering from natural disasters.  His Majesty called all ministers in.”


So something new came up in the disaster area; is it that matter that she predicted?


“Did the emperor summon me?” No one calls for her ah, not a single eunuch.


“His Majesty did not, but half a month ago, the general gist of the program comes from you.  Now that a new situation arises, you have to contribute some new ideas.”


As they speak, they reach the Imperial Study.  “What did you tell Chen Tao the other day?  You were so secretive.  I bet it has something to do with this.”


A prime minister is indeed a prime minister, so smart.  Lan Qin Yu laughs drily before entering the study with him.


The expressions on the ministers’ faces are even more imposing than last time.  Even Feng Tian Qing is frowning heavily, no need to talk about the emperor.  She feels like she has just entered a low pressure chamber, even breathing is hard.  This is the first time she ever feels so constricted in the palace.


Other than Chen Tao who is sent to the disaster zone, all the people from the other day are here.


The old minister who was kneeling half a month ago is also kneeling now, (from now on, let’s just call him the kneeling minister).  When he sees Mo Yun and Lan Qin Yu walking in, a delighted expression plays out on his face.  She came up with such a good plan the other day, he can count of her to think of something good this time.  Even if she cannot come up with a good plan, at least the emperor’s attention will go to her.  He, this old head, will no longer have to suffer.  He selfishly thinks that as he kneels.


“How can this happen?” the emperor’s deep voice breaks the old minister’s nonsensical thoughts.  Lan Qin Yu who was staring at Feng Tian Qing also turns her eyes at the ruler.


This?  What ‘this’?


“We have no idea why a lot of locusts suddenly appears around the disaster stricken area.  The towns and cities surrounding the area are also implicated.  All the crops are gone.” Mo Yun whispers the situation to Lan Qin Yu.


She was right!  All those instructions she gave Chen Tao aren’t in vain!


“This minister is also clueless.  Just as the drought issue stabilizes, large swarms of locusts suddenly appear…… This……”


Feng Ji Lin studies Mo Yun and Lan Qin Yu’s actions from the sideline.  Why did she come again this time?  The emperor didn’t seem to have summoned her.  Don’t tell him it’s Mo Yun.


“Your Majesty, I wonder if Official Chen has reached the affected areas?”  Lan Qin Yu steps out at the correct time, sparing the kneeling official from another round of scolding.


“Qin Yu?” the emperor was too immersed in the new problem just now, so he didn’t notice her arrival.  He asks her in anticipation, “You know how to solve this locust disaster?”


“Begging the emperor to answer Qin Yu’s question first.”  She can only answer his question once she knows whether or not Chen Tao has arrived.


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