TFIC – Chapter 38

Chapter 38

He is Jealous


Lan Qin Yu is very laid-back so Lian Che starts to get cozy and gradually loses his nerves.  He got roped in and sits there, excitedly gossiping with her.


“Really?  Second Imperial Brother really hates it when people entered his room!”


“No, he didn’t ah!  In fact, I came to his room because there are more snacks over there than in mine!  There are more variety and they are more delicious la!”


“Haha, Qin Yu Jiejie, you are so fun!”






Before he even gets close to Lan Qin Yu’s chamber, he can already hear the sound of laughter.  It sounds like……. Lian Che?  When did they get so close?


“Lian Che.” He opens the door and walks in, greeted with the sight of Lan Qin Yu and Lian Che sitting together on the bed while chatting comfortably.  Xiu Er and Zi Er are standing next to them, occasionally quipping in.  Nobody pays any attention to his entrance.


“Lan Er.”  He calls out once again.  Only then did Lan Qin Yu take notice of another arrival in her chamber.


“Tian Qing?  When did you arrive?  Come and join us!”  Lan Qin Yu beckons him with her hands.  When Lian Che realize his presence, he quickly stands up, his entire clothes ruffled from his position earlier on.  “Second Imperial Brother.”


“Little Lian Che, why did you get up?  You don’t have to be so polite, you two are brothers ma!”


Lian Che blinks at Feng Tian Qing twice before deciding to listen to Lan Yin Yu.  He sits back down and continues to listen to her fresh stories earnestly.


“Where was I?  Oh right!  Right!  After the Pandora’s box was opened, many kinds of disasters and diseases comes out!”


Other than Feng Tian Qing, everyone else listen to her stories in great interest.


She is ignoring him?  What good are these lame stories for?  Does she have to look so happy while telling it?  Does she have to be so close to others as she speaks?


Telling stories for such a long time, her throat feels hoarse.  Qin Yu gets down from the bed to get tea and realize that Feng Tian Qing is still standing there with a long face.


Who pissed him off?


“Why are you still standing at the entrance?  Why don’t you come in and join us!  I’m confident you wouldn’t know the stories that I’m about to tell!”  It is rare for her to have the mood to share Greek mythologies with people, the more people knows, the better!


He did not answer her.  He only glares at her to show his displeasure.


“No need, I have matters to attend to.  I’ll leave first!” Feng Tian Qing turns around and leaves, ignoring Lan Qin Yu who calls for him.  He returns to his chamber.


“What’s wrong with him?  His yin and yang are so messed up…..”  She kindly invited him to join them and he didn’t even give her face!


“Is Second Imperial Brother…… jealous?” Did Second Imperial Brother misunderstood them because he was sitting too close to Qin Yu Jiejie?  This is bad…..



That is almost like a fairy tale to Lan Qin Yu.  She scoffs, “Jealous? No way!  He didn’t drink vinegar!  More like he ate the wrong medicine!”


(TN: eat vinegar (吃醋) literally means jealous in Chinese.)


Why would he eat her vinegar ma!  No way….. it must be because….


Even though her lips keeps denying that, her heart is in tandem with Lian Che.  She chuckles.


W- Whatever am I happy for!  Lame!  Jealous or not, it has nothing to do with me.


“Ignore him!  Let’s continue! Zi Er, bring us snacks!  I will tell you all a story that is even more exciting than the one before!”


The sound of laughter continues, but the story-teller becomes a little absent-minded.  Her thoughts are no longer on the stories.




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