TFIC – Chapter 37

Chapter 37

Chatting With Lian Che


As they leave the Imperial Study, Lian Che who originally came there for Lan Qin Yu naturally follows her closely by her side.   Mo Yun happily stops Qian Yu.


“Xiao Yun Yun, what is it?”  Lan Qin Yu purposely teases him.


Lian Che bursts out in laugher upon hearing ‘Xiao Yun Yun’ that three words.  Mo Yun looks at her in embarrassment.  She really plans to address him like that, from now on?


“Where did you get all those suggestions of yours?”  So different from Feng Tian Qing’s suspicious interrogation, Mo Yun’s sentence carries admiration.  This makes her a little proud, even the Prime Minister of Qing Feng Dynasty admires her ah! Haha!


But, these are not her methods, it is not nice for her to be too flashy and show-off.  Might as well tell the truth.


“Actually, I am not the one who thinks of all these.  These are just the  knowledge that the talented people of my hometown accumulated after long years of practical experience.”


“Practical?” What does that word means?


Er…. How can she explain this?


“It means….. er….. how should I explain this….  It means testing the proposal to see it if really works.  That’s what practical experience means.  Everything must be put into practice first!”


En!  See how knowledgeable she is!


“So it is like that……”


Returning to Feng Ling Palace, Xiu Er and Zi Er are relieved seeing her coming back in one piece.  They quickly hasten to make tea upon seeing the sixth prince walking behind her.


Lan Qin Yu sits and reclines on the table tiredly.  “Tired to death….” They spent almost an hour discussing.  Even though she is happy they are adopting her ideas, standing for an hour is too tiring!


“This……”  Lian Che has no idea what he should speak of in order to not sound awkward.


She almost forgets this little handsome guy!  Her spirit comes back to her, she sits up and laughs at him, “Little Lian Che follows me back because you want to see me, am I right?”


Lian Che unconsciously plays with his fingers.  She secretly laughs upon seeing his cute action.


He is so transparent ah!  So lovable!  She is completely defenseless against cute things.


“This…… I……. Actually……..”


“You can just call me Qin Yu Jiejie.” Little Lian Che must have been clueless as to how to address her, that’s why he is stuttering.  Don’t be nervous, she’ll help him come up with a term of addressment.  She even gets to be called Jiejie by him, hehe.


A delighted look appears on Lian Che’s face, “Qin Yu….. Jiejie, this…… how did you and my Second Imperial Brother meet?”



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