TFIC – Chapter 36

Chapter 36

Managing the Disaster


For the next quarter of an hour, everyone is busy trying to discuss the ways to implement the plan.  She has no idea when Feng Tian Qing sidled up to her side, “How did you know all these?  Did you study them in secret?”


“Am I not allowed to know them?”  Is he a person?  She is helping them trying to solve their problems, and he goes around suspecting her.  He is too much!


She is an onlooker from head to toe.  Isn’t it good that someone is actually trying to help them solve the issues?  That heartless creature.


Qin Yu ignores him and look at Mo Yun’s direction.  The official who was kneeling just now has risen and is now murmuring something to him.  Qin Yu can faintly hear what he is saying, “Now that we speak about it, the area suffering from drought is now plagued with insects.  The drought victims are very troubled by these insects ah……”


Lan Qin Yu strains her ears.  Once she makes sure she didn’t hear wrong, a light flashes in her heart.


Is it…… She remembers seeing an article on the internet once.  Areas suffering from drought are usually prone to be plagued with locusts.  Such a coincidence!


While Qin Yu is still thinking about ways to control the locusts, the emperor has already entrusts a rather young official to send the disaster relief silvers to the affected area.


She ponders for a while.  “Your Majesty, can Qin Yu speak with this official for a moment?”


She is not sure if this locusts thing will become another disaster.  Perhaps it is only a short-term side effect.  It will be good if nothing happens, but if something did happens……  it’s damage will be more or less similar to the drought itself.  Might as well prepare the people in the affected area against them, just for caution.


“Just add whatever you want to instruct to him.”


Lan Qin Yu wiggles her index finger and beckons him.  She asks for his name first, Chen Tao.  She whispers to his ears with a voice so low that only he can hear her, “You go and collect lots of frogs, toads, sparrows, blackbirds and birds of the same category.  After that, you send them to the affected area along with that silver.”


Chen Tao cannot understand the purpose behind her action, “What are those animals for?”


“They will have their own use when the time comes.”  After that, she continues whispering something to him, Chen Tao half-believes her and is half-dubious.  Others are curious too as to what she is saying.  Why is Official Chen frowning one moment, and pondering the next?


In the end, Chen Tao bids the emperor farewell and hastily leaves.  He must search for the animals that Lan Qin Yu listed real quick; he might have to spend a while collecting them so of course he has to act fast!  Act fast!


Just like that, Lan Qin Yu intervenes twice (the first one was during banquet ma~) and solves another problem smoothly.  Of course, this is only temporary.  The things she asked of Chen Tao may not necessarily complete.


The ‘meeting’ ends, the emperor made Feng Tian Qing wait while the rest, including Lan Qin Yu and Lian Che who had been listening to them until his head ached, disperses.



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