TFIC – Chapter 34

Chapter 34

Woman Participating in Politics


Lucky she lifted her hands back then in the banquet.  Lan Qin Yu is secretly thankful because that act of hers is actually helping her now.


Sure enough, be it in recorded histories or in an unknown dynasty, as long as the time is backwards, women’s position is not as high as men.  Only truly talented women can blossom.


The emperor did not really have the intention to blame Lan Qin Yu.  After hearing what Mo Yun said, he thinks back to her performance that day.  She clearly shows she has outstanding talent, perhaps she can help think of a way.


Zhen will not put you in blame.  You can join the discussion, if you think of anything, speak up.  Che Er can join us too.”


“Yes, Imperial Father.”  Lucky he is not upset.


“This is inappropriate, Imperial Father!  She is just a Cairen and is just a woman, how can she participate in the discussion about our country!”


“Lin Er, is it up to you or up to zhen?” The emperor looks a little unhappy, Lin Er is acting a little weird today.


“Of course it is up to Imperial Father.”


“Then have you think of any good countermeasure?”


“Imperial son is unwise, has not think of a way.”


Damn it, Feng Ji Lin is very unhappy inside but can only let it go.  What can he do when all the ministers on his side cannot do anything to lighten the emperor’s burden?  Just like what his imperial father said, it is such a waste having all of them.


The ministers opposite him can only tremble when he looks at them.


“Qin Yu already heard the problem and can already see the general idea.  Even though there is no way to tell that I can completely solve the environmental problem surrounding Heng City, Qin Yu has an idea that might curb them.”


Granted, it is not her own idea.  It’s just a more effective way to deal with drought from the 21st century.


“Really?” the emperor shows an immediate reaction, his eyes starting to light up.


Mo Yun too put away his fan and strain his ears.


Qin Yu clears her throat twice and says, “The truth is, this drought happens because there is not enough water in the soil.  Maybe because the water is too deep underground and cannot be absorbed by the crops.  Or maybe there is not enough rain water.  In the end, the crops cannot grow naturally and it will ruin the natural balance in the affected area.  The common people will not have food and in the end will die in a famine.”


The rest of the people in the hall nods in agreement.  Qin Yu continues, “Honestly, the silver sent by the government can only provide temporary solution, they cannot solve the problem in the long terms.  In order to solve the drought, we need to tackle the issues involving the lack of water first.”


“Indeed, Prime Minister Mo too said the same thing earlier on.  But constructing a water conservation system isn’t something that can be completed overnight.  What should we do while we’re in the process of constructing?  Is there any other way?”


The minister who has been scolded by the emperor earlier on listens to her and anxiously asks, clearly being driven on by Lan Qin Yu.


“Correct, water conservatory is a very troublesome project.  Not only does it require a lot of money and time, it also needs a lot of manpower.  Even if the emperor forks out a lot of money from the treasury, the amounts that will be used in that place will not be that much in the end.”


Corruption exists on so many levels, after going through so many hands, who knows how much silver they will have left.  The ministers look down while Mo Yun nods in agreement.  Feng Tian Qing’s expression does not change while Lian Che does not understand what she was implying and can only tilt his head.

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