TFIC – Chapter 33

Chapter 33

Woman Participating in Politics


In the end, the two guards see a green silhouette next to a white silhouette and fearfully whisper, “W-who is it!”


Inside the hall, the emperor and the rest of the people hears the sound from outside the hall.


Lan Qin Yu and Lian Che are taken by surprised.  She lets go of the window, but because she accidentally uses too much force, the window fully opens.


Mo Yun is the first to turn around.  He sees Lan Qin Yu faking a smile while waving towards him.  He almost burst out in laughter.


T-that woman actually eavesdrop on the country’s matter!


When the guards realize it is the sixth prince and Lan Qin Yu, they clutch their heart in relief.  Thank God it’s not ghost.


“That—– Two older brothers, can you please put the swords away?”


Lan Qin Yu uses her hand to push away the sword and retreats two steps.  Don’t simply point such a dangerous tool to her!  It will halve her lifespan!


When the emperor looks at Lan Qin Yu, she is clutching her own heart while trying to regulate her breathing.  Lian Che who is next to her is putting his head down in embarrassment, his ears reddening shyly.


Upon seeing them, the face that has been filled with anger because of the country’s issues actually forms a rare light smile.  That girl is a really restless person, she even kidnaps Lian Che to play together.


“Let them in.”


The people who have been with him noticed that the emperor’s tone has changed, even his expression softens considerably, they can finally breathes out in relief.  Even though they don’t know why he softens up, at least they are spared for now.


The guards put back the swords back to their scabbards.  The two people can only enter the study with embarrassed smiles after hearing the emperor’s order.


Inside the hall, the few officials eyes the person who is coming in.  The sixth prince?  Next to him….. isn’t that the woman who suddenly appeared on the royal banquet?


Two officials whispers to each other, saying that she is someone who is bound to be conferred as a princess.


Mo Yun is smiling, but Feng Tian Qing didn’t look too satisfied with Lan Qin Yu’s appearance.  Silently watching the person in front of Feng Tian Qing is the person who sits next to him in the banquet, the eldest prince, Feng Ji Lin.


‘I-imperial father,” Feng Lian Che timidly says.  He overheard them stressing over the disaster matter, so he is scared his imperial father will get upset at him.


Lan Qin Yu smiles at the emperor, saying “Your Majesty, Qin Yu was just curious over this matter.  Please do not get upset.”


Deep inside, she can see Feng Ji Lin glancing at her.  That eyes is full of something, is it anger?  No, it’s a lot stronger than that.  Is it hostility?  Did she do something to him?


Don’t tell her he hates her for interrupting their discussion?  Er….. it shouldn’t be anything that petty.  Even the emperor didn’t say anything, so what if he’s a prince?  He is a prince, but Feng Tian Qing is also a prince.  If he make things hard for her, Feng Tian Qing will definitely help her.  Mo Yun will definitely speak up for her as well!


Lan Qin Yu has an innocent expression on, you can’t even spot the slightest hint of her admitting fault in the apology to the emperor.


“Preposterous!  A lowly woman dares to eavesdrop on the dynasty’s affairs!  Are you attempting to get involved in politics?”  As expected, Feng Ji Lin launched the first attack, his tone ridiculing.


Even though from the outside, he seems like he is criticizing her for what just happened, Lan Qin Yu can sense his prejudice against her.  It’s like he’s splashing hs anger on her, though she doesn’t really know why.


“Your Majesty, Lan Qin Yu had an outstanding performance in the banquet.  She has talent, we must not look down on her just because she is a woman.”  Mo Yun calmly says.  Even though he does have the heart to help Qin Yu, what he says is the plain truth.

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