TFIC – Chapter 32

Chapter 32



“Preposterous!  If you can really think of a way, you wouldn’t be wasting your time speaking useless things here!”  What is the point of keeping so many officials?  They are so good at flattery but are downright useless when it comes to things that really matters.


The emperor scolds well!  Really is preposterous!  Lan Qin Yu secretly agrees with what the emperor says, her hands accidentally knocking against the wall.


The two guards in front of the study looks at each other.  Was there a sound just now?  They listen carefully, they can’t hear anything anymore.  Did they heard wrong?


They can hear the sound of the emperor’s fury from inside the study, so the two guards didn’t dare to do anything drastic.  They straighten their bodies and stand imposingly, but their legs tremble.


If anything goes wrong, they are going to get it ah!




When Feng Lian Che arrives in front of the study, Lan Qin Yu was putting her entire heart out secretly listening to the conversation inside so she didn’t notice him.


She….. She is really eavesdropping!  This is not appropriate ah!


He pats Lan Qin Yu’s back lightly.  Lan Qin Yu did not turn around, she only moves her shoulder, wanting to keep the thing that is interrupting her away.  He pats her back once again.  She loses her patience and turns around, “Don’t interrupt me!  I’m at the most crucial part ah!”


Just as he was about to speak to her, she scolds him.


Feng Lian Che?  Little handsome guy!  Who would’ve thought that he too is the kind to eavesdrop!  She automatically assumes that he is there for the same motive as her, one that must not be known to other people.


She place her palm on his mouth, afraid that he will speak too loud and alert the people inside.


“Shh, eavesdropping is a very tricky thing, you have to be quiet!”  After that, she moves aside, allowing a little space for the silenced Feng Lian Che, encouraging him to listen.  Good things must be shared ah!




“Mo Yun, do you have anything to propose?”


He can hear his imperial father’s calm but slightly ruffled voice from the study.  Feng Lian Che can’t help but invest his attention on the conversation inside.  [He was completely brought into it by Lan Qin Yu.]


Mo Yun was made the prime minister because the emperor looked upon him and considered him talented.  If he can’t share the burden of the emperor, he can be considered as neglecting his duty ah.  Mo Yun reluctantly sighs.  He should have seen this coming when he accepted the emperor’s offer.


Other ministers can’t find a way, so the new target is him?  If he says he can’t think of anything, then even the prime minister who is the head of hundreds of officials can’t think of a way?  Isn’t he basically courting death?


The emperor is clearly trying to drive a duck into a perch, even Feng Tian Qing can see that, but what can he do about it?  He has always had a headache when it comes to these big country matters.  As long as the one being called isn’t him, everything is good.  (TN: trying to drive a duck into a perch means making someone do something they clearly can’t do.)


He sympathetically watches Mo Yun stepping forward, preparing himself to called next.  Hopefully Mo Yun can comes up with a good idea.


God forbid everything spreads to him next.  Even though his imperial father tells him to get involve in the country matters, he is only there to listen…  That doesn’t mean he promise to come up with a solution.  Being a mere listener is good enough for him.


Feng Lian Che does not understand these big country matters, after listening for a moment, he gets impatient.  He turns around to look at Lan Qin Yu.  Seeing her up close for the first time, his heart weirdly races.  She is completely focused on everything that is going on in the room so she did not notice him.


From outside, Lan Qin Yu can see the Feng Tian Qing is trying to find ways to stay out of it, and at the same time is sympathetic to Prime Minister Mo Yun.  She made a fake crying sound twice, as though trying to express his grievance for him.


Seeing her funny action, Lian Che laughs.


The guards in front of the study hears that sound.  They look at each other anxiously, fears evident in their eyes.


Was there a….. a crying sound just now?  After that, there is also the sound of laughter??


The guard on the left goes into a defensive stance while the one on the right says, “Is it…. ghost?”


“There is not ghost in broad daylight!  D-don’t speak nonsense!” the other guard whispers.


People ah, are creatures that scares themselves.  The more scared they are, the more curious they becomes.


Lan Qin Yu is latching onto the window, her ear plastered at the seam.  Eavesdropping is really serious business!


One moment, she is frowning while shaking her head.  The next moment she will be nodding in agreement.  The other person on the other hand is very focused on Lan Qin Yu, so neither of them sensed that the two guards are silently creeping their way towards her, trembling while holding their swords.



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