TFIC – Chapter 31

Chapter 31



Lan Qin Yu made a detour and then another detour and in the end, she finally arrives in the Imperial Study.  There are two guards in front of the Imperial Study.  Their eyes are opened so large, it’s not possible for her to listen from the front side of the study.


She can only listen from the sides then.  She lick her index finger and use it to puncture a hole in window.  Ancient houses are no nicely constructed ah, it’s so easy to poke a hole!  No wonder there are so many peeping-toms in the ancient times!  Their windows are so easily compromised, not having many peeping-toms will be weird.


Imperial palace?  It’s just the same!  Even though there are many guards, as long as you use your brain properly, snooping on other’s business can be pretty easy.


But the vision is not good!  The time isn’t ideal!  She can’t see the people properly ah!


You don’t need to see to know who is sitting above the rest, the emperor of course!  Sitting below him are one, two, three, four……. Six people!  She only knows two of them, Feng Tian Qing and Mo Yun.


The others have their backs on her, their heads are also low so she can’t see their appearances.


Dammit, the visibility range in this place is so bad!


She is far from them, so she can’t even hear what they are saying.  She can only see their lips moving.  She can’t achieve her motive to eavesdrop ah!


The most crappily built buildings in the palace are the studies, which also include this Imperial Study!  Why is it so big?  So many empty spaces, it is such a big waste!  She can’t even eavesdrop properly because of them!


Lan Qin Yu glance at the window, is it open?


Hehe  She quickly covers her mouth after she laughs.  She looks left and right, lucky nobody hears her.


She push open the window lightly, and strains her ear to listen carefully.  She can actually hear some movement.


“Answering Your Majesty, the silvers for the disaster relief has been sent to the disaster-stricken area.  Officials have also dispatched people to send food to the disaster victims.”


“How about the disaster?  Is it alleviating?”


“Even though we can’t completely solve the issue, but we managed to take care most of the victims.  The efforts to rebuild the disaster area has also commenced.  Seeds for agriculture has also been sent to the people,” one of the men whose back is facing Lan Qin Yu reports.


Mo Yun frowns after he hears that, “Even though the disaster is temporarily relieved, it will inevitably return in the future.  The lands in Yi Heng City is our Dynasty’s most drought-stricken area.  This year’s dry spell is definitely not a coincidence.  We might get past them now, but they are bound to return next year.”


Hearing that, Qin Yu finally understands that the disaster they are talking about is drought.


En!  These kind of things are regular happenings in ancient times.  Even though they also happen in modern times, but compared to the underdeveloped technologies of the ancient times, drought isn’t a prevalent problem to the modern world.


Feng Tian Qing is standing next to Mo Yun.  He didn’t say anything, but he is frowning, indicating that he too is very concerned about the drought problem.


What Mo Yun said was right.  If they don’t take a fresh approach, the problem might worsen one day and by then, it will be too late for the government to do anything to curb it.


The emperor’s face looks anxious, he takes the tea cup his eunuch served him.  Just as he was about to take a sip, he place it irritably on the table.  He looks up and lightly snaps the official whose back is facing Lan Qin Yu, “Is there no solution at all?”


The official immediately kneels in fear, his body trembling in terror as he face the angry ruler, “Y-Your Majesty, please don’t be angry!  Weichen deserves to die!  We are yet to find a solution, b-but weichen will definitely use up everything weichen has learned so far to find a solution!”  (TN: The way officials address themselves)




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