TFIC – Chapter 30

Chapter 30

The Intention is Off-course


“I am a spirit that travels through time and space,” Lan Qin Yu half-joked.


Mo Yun freezes before he laughs, “Chatting with you is indeed interesting, but I’m afraid we can’t chat for too long.  I shouldn’t keep the emperor waiting.  Since I am the prime minister, I must bear the burden of the kingdom along with the ruler.”


Had he not say it, she would’ve forgotten that the reason he came on the first place was because the emperor!


“It’s okay, it’s okay!  Remember to look for me if you have free time!”


Mo Yun stand up and straighten out his wrinkled cloth, “I will!  Then, I’ll go first.”


“En.  Bye bye!”


“Bye…… bye?”  what does that means?


“Er….. it means see you again!”


“So it is like that.  Interesting!  Ha ha!”




Lan Qin Yu’s eyes shadily looks around before she asks Xiu Er, “Do you know where he went to meet the emperor?”


Xiu Er does not understand why she asks that and innocently answers her, “Meetings other than the morning court are usually done in the Imperial Study.  Why are you asking this?”


Lan Qin Yu looks around, trying to determine the way to the Imperial Study.  She puts up her finger and tries to find the way, first turns left, and then right at the Imperial Kitchen and then turns right again, and then….


Xiu Er and Zi Er cannot fathom her strange behavior.  After a while, she finally understand, “Are you planning to eavesdrop?!”




Oh please, since they know she’s planning to eavesdrop, must they speak so loud?  Do they want others to know?


“Quiet!  Speak softly!  Softly!”  After she says that, she carefully leaves and treads around with light steps.


After a few steps, she stops and straighten her body.  She isn’t even in the Imperial Study, why should she act so shadily?  Isn’t that basically telling everyone she is up to no good!  After reasoning with herself, she lifts her head high and harrumphs loudly.


I am Lan Qin Yu!  I am not scared of everyone!  Let’s pretend we are 007, listening to government secrets!




The moment Lan Qin Yu’s foot leaves Ling Feng Palace, Lian Che busily and hastily comes over.


He sees two maids with peculiar expressions, staring at the direction of something.  He looks over to where they are looking and sees Lan Qin Yu’s silhouette that immediately disappear.


“Where is she going?”


Xiu Er and Zi Er turns over to look at him and immediately kneels upon realizing who he is, “This servant greets the sixth prince!”


“Get up.  Tell me, where imperial-si——I mean, your mistress is going?” Since she hasn’t been conferred as a consort, he can’t call her imperial-sister-in-law yet.


Xiu Er lowers her head with a difficult expression, not knowing if she should tell the sixth prince.  Zi Er all the more doesn’t dare to speak nonsense.  The place Lan Qin Yu is planning to go isn’t a normal place, but rather…..


“Speak up!  His Highness is speaking to you!”  What is wrong with them, Xiao Dou Zi secretly asks.  Their expressions are so bad.


Xiu Er have an inner battle within herself for a moment.  The sixth prince doesn’t have a bad temper and is very kind.  Telling him should not incite any trouble, perhaps he might even stop Miss Lan.  If something happens to her, how will they answer the second prince?


“Answering Your Highness, actually, it is like this…….”





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