TFIC – Chapter 29

Chapter 29

Teasing Handsome Guy


“You are an official aren’t you?” And his position must be high as well.


“Yes.”  Why is she suddenly asking about that?


“Then why did you addressed yourself as ‘zaixia’ to Noble Consort Yu just now?  Shouldn’t you address yourself as ‘xiaguan’ or ‘zhezhen’?  Isn’t that how things work here?”


Mo Yun did not expect her to ask that, he freezes before laughing brightly, “Xiao Yu, you are so cute!  Ha ha!”


She does not mind being teased by the handsome guy, but at least answer her question-ah!  She really finds it weird…..


“Actually, we are supposed to address ourselves that way, but I am not used to lower my head to other people.  I address myself as ‘chen’.  Other than in front of the emperor, I will address myself as ‘zaixia’.  It sounds very jianghu-like isn’t it?” Mo Yun playfully laughs.


So it is like that!  She thought things did not work that way here!


“The emperor didn’t blame you for not following the rules?” Isn’t the imperial court supposed to be strict?


Mo Yun fans the fan in his hand, “I am originally not someone from the imperial court.  I only entered the court after the emperor recruited me two years ago.  Since the emperor thinks highly of me and appoints me as the prime minister, he naturally would not care for something like terms of addressment.”


“Prime minister!”


Goodness!  His position is actually that high!  No wonder Noble Consort Yu changed her temperament the moment he showed up earlier.  What a big surprise!  So this is what they call young and talented!


“Hmm, you are so young yet so capable!  You will have a splendid future!”


Lan Qin Yu once learned the way ancient people speak, she pats Mo Yun’s shoulder as she look at him firmly as though saying ‘you can do it! I believe in you!  Oh yeah!’


“Ha ha ha—- I’m going to laugh to death!”


Mo Yun’s startled look is so funny!  He did not even notice that the fan in his hand has fallen while his eyes are open wide.  This is the first time she sees him like that.  So he can actually make that kind of expression!


Realizing that he has been made fun of, Mo Yun bashfully picks up his fan.


Seeing him neither angry nor complaining makes Lan Qin Yu feels guilty a little.  “I’m sorry.  I was too much.  Don’t take it to heart, I was just joking.”


He can already see her playful nature from her magnificent feat just now.


“I will not be offended over a joke, but……. You are really something?  Are you from Qing Feng dynasty?  Your manner of speaking sounds a little different.  Besides, Qing Feng also did not have the kind of music that you played.”

One comment

  1. “What are you freaking bastard doing with my wifey?? Even though I haven’t made her laugh while you can….”
    – Feng

    Hahahahahah lol I want author notes like this at the end of the chapters


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