TFIC – Chapter 28

Chapter 28

Handsome Guy Shows Up


“Return to Yu He Palace!”


The bunch of people who came in fury leaves in grievance.  Lan Qin Yu laughs happily once their shadows disappear.


“Ha!  That bunch of overconfident people!  If they want to leave, they should leave faster!  I almost cannot hold my laughter! Aiya, my stomach hurts!”


“Miss Lan, you look like you haven’t played enough.  Was I too nosy?”


Seeing her laughing so happily, he too wants to laugh.  His face carries a light smile.  [Actually he has been carrying a light smile from the beginning, but now that smile stretches wider.]


“Not really nosy, but had you came out a little later, I will be a lot happier.  And no need to call me Miss Lan, I am not used to it.  Just call me Xiao Yu.”  After arriving in the ancient time, there is a miss left and right.  It sounds like what people in a remote village would say.  Goosebump.


Lan Qin Yu enters her chamber and take out an ointment, “Xiu Er, help Zi Er apply this on her face.  Right, you haven’t told me your name.”


“Mo Yun.”


“Then, how should I address you?”  She should ask for his opinion, even if she may not necessarily listen to them.


“Just call me Yun.”  He does not really mind how she wants to address him.


“Then I’ll call you Xiao Yun Yun!”


Mo Yun’s smiling face suddenly freeze, black lines appearing on his forehead.  “You…. You really shouldn’t.”


Xiao Yun Yun?  Hearing that makes his hair rises.  She must be doing this on purpose, giving him a name that sounds girly!


“You don’t like it?  En……  Then, I’ll just call you Xiao Mo!  That sounds affable.”


“From the way I look at it, just address me by my name.  No need to look for nicknames.”


How can that be!  She’s putting her whole heart to tease him!  How can she not give him nicknames?  “You don’t like Xiao Mo?  As expected, you like Xiao Yun Yun better!”  She gives him an ‘I told you so!’ expression!


Mo Yun’s teeth twitches, but in the end, he reluctantly put down his head, “You call me Xiao Mo then.”


“Nice to meet you, Xiao Mo!” Lan Qin Yu outstretches her hand.


Mo Yun is taken aback, not understanding the meaning behind that action.  “What are you doing?”


“Oh, this is my hometown’s way of greeting people.  When we meet new friends, we will grasp their hands.  It’s a friendly gesture!”  Actually, young people rarely use that gesture, but since the other person is a handsome guy, might as well….. hehe.


Lan Qin Yu smiles happily.  Mo Yun did not think about restriction between men and women and obediently shakes her hand.


The handsome guy’s hand is so smooth, even better than a girl’s hand!  Lan Qin Yu secretly smiles inside.  They did not know each other that well right now, it is too early for her to show her real personality.  If she does, it will be boring!


“Oh right, how did you performed with me the other day?  You sounded so good, it’s almost like we were soulmates!”


“I just thought that the guqin sounded a little plain by itself, perhaps it will sound better I add flute.  As long as you don’t blame me, it’s fine.”


Back then, he was roused by the sound of the guqin.  He didn’t think she could play that well, it was a shock.


“It’s okay!  It’s okay!  That song is originally a mix of guqin and flute!  But I am not that good in the wind instruments.”


The her right now is a lot more sincere and casual than when she faced Noble Consort Yu and the gang just now.





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