TFIC – Chapter 27

Chapter 27

Handsome Guy Shows Up


Noble Consort Yu sees the disdain in Lan Qin Yu’s eyes and blows up.  She is stepping towards Lan Qin Yu, her lips slightly open when a voice speaks from behind.


“Am I interrupting something?” a warm voice that belongs to a man hesitantly asks.


All concubines and servants turn to look at the man.  Noble Consort Yu frowns, swallowing what she was about to say.


“M- Mister Mo—“  the man who came is actually the handsome guy who performed with Lan Qin Yu the other day.  He is wearing white clothes while holding a white fan.


Liang Fei turns around to conceal the red print mark on her face, too embarrassed to let others see her defeated state.  He noticed anyway, but did not say anything.  He only smiles.


Mo Yun walk over to Lan Qin Yu and inspects her expression.  She looks completely at ease, even toying with a pot of camellia next to her as though nothing has happened just now.  “Handsome guy, why did you show up so fast?  I haven’t played enough.”


Lan Qin Yu’s tiny complain reaches his hearing, Mo Yun smiles.  This brat really loves playing, her tone really sounds like a child who hasn’t played enough.


She knew he was there from the very beginning?  When did she found out……  He was well-hidden.


“Mister Mo, the morning meeting should have ended, what are you doing here?”  Noble Consort Yu is surprised this man is actually here.  It is rare for him to stay in the palace, he will usually leave after the meeting.  He even politely rejected the emperor’s offer to him to stay for meals.


Lan Qin Yu hears the Noble Consort speaks and look at her as though she is looking at a monster, so she can actually speaks.  She actually thought she was a mute beauty.  She laughs at her own thinking and continues ‘studying’ the camellia.


Mo Yun smile, “His Majesty searched for me for something.”


So he is actually there for a matter.


Now that she thinks about it, Lin Er also said that the emperor is declaring something just now.  Did something really happen?   She should not be wasting her time like this.


“So it is like that.”


“What is Noble Consort doing here?” Mo Yun ‘curiously’ asks.


She can tell that Mo Yun is being deliberate, it is not convenient for her to do anything further, “I was bored in the Yu He Palace, so I went out for a walk and got here.  It was nothing, right Miss Lan?”


Lan Qin Yu really respect this person who acts according to the situation.  She plays along, adding a little ‘material’ to her words, “Right!  Your Ladyship, you really should go out more.  You are not young like us.  If you don’t go out more, you will get sick.”


Mo Yun secretly laughs, isn’t she basically calling her old.  This girl is really mischievous!


Noble Consort Yu can no longer hide her emotions and walks away indignantly.







  1. Yeah that’s right! You are just one little btch that dared to plot against the lovable empress mother that Lan Qin Yu have as the first family she has in that era..

    The dog barks with no bite! Hmmp!

    Welp, thank you for this chapter! It was enjoyable!☺️

    Aka. the handsome guy shows up! Is he a love rival??


  2. My friend envied me this novel but you wouldn’t be able to put direct links for the chapters because it’s a little cumbersome to have to go back to the chapter list.


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