TFIC – Chapter 26

Chapter 26

Noble Consort Finding Faults



“Ah————“ A screech shock birds that are perching on a tree nearby.  One of the baby birds even fell from it’s nest, poor thing.


Do not doubt!  And do not be mistaken!  She, Lan Qin Yu is not capable of making that groundbreaking sound.


The hand that Yun Pin originally planned to raise at Lan Qin Yu was easily blocked as she slowly twists her fragile wrist.


“Aiya!  I am so sorry!  It was an accident!  An accident!  It was a reflex!  This has always been a problem for me!  Everytime something nasty comes close, I automatically shove them away!”


Yun Pin stroke her swollen wrist in pain.  Some of the maids surrounding her rushes to help, but one of them accidentally bumps into her wound.  “Be careful, you useless thing!” she yelled in pain.  Her tear-welled eyes look at the other concubines, as though lamenting her grievance.  Noble Consort Yu only spares her a glance before ignoring her.


Silly woman, the other party already finished making use of her, does she think she will care about her afterwards?  Just endure it for a little moment.  Lan Qin Yu didn’t went easy on her.  Even though she does not know taekwondo or judo, her maternal uncle is a martial arts instructor so she is pretty good at basic self-defense.


“You are preposterous!” Mei Pin hollers, she actually dares to hit the emperor’s concubine?  That brat is tired of living!


“Who is preposterous?  She is only a Pin and yet she dares to hit the future princess!  She is too bold!” Zi Er can’t bear to see so many concubines ganging up against Lan Qin Yu and speaks up.   Since she is new to the palace, she did not understand the complex structure of the palace and could not sit back and watch unfair things.


Lan Qin Yu is happy with the consideration Zi Er has towards her.  Xiu Er glance at Zi Er.  She is just a maid after all.  If she offends those concubines, she is done for.


Noble Consort Yu’s expression turns considerable colder.  She unhappily glance at Liang Fei and Liang Fei replies by nodding her head at her.  Qin Yu thought she was also trying to hit her, but she instead turns to Zi Er.  Before she even gets to react, Zi Er already receives a slap in the face.


“Your Mistresses are speaking, it is not in your place for you lowly servants to speak up!  That slap is to remind you to mind your own mouth!”


Seeing Zi Er enduring the pain on her left cheek, she lost it!  Lowly servants!  Lowly!  She dares to call her people lowly servants!  She is very angry!


Without waiting for Liang Fei to continue gloating, she picks up a teacup from the table and flings it to her left leg.  Liang Fei accidentally kneels on one leg in pain in front of her.  She expertly swings her hands.  The person in the floor cannot dodge and can only endure.


“Pa—“ the sound is very crisp.  They can only imagine how painful her face must be.


Seeing her own masterpiece, Lan Qin Yu pulls the corner of her lips, “I am so sorry.  My hand slipped.  Remember not to get so close to me from now on, who knows when my hand will decides to be disobedient again!  Please don’t blame me!”


After she finish speaking, she throws a provoking look at Noble Consort Yu.


She can be considered as someone with a character.  She has been standing there in silence from the very beginning and manage to control those women without saying a single word.  How capable of her!


But Lan Qin Yu too is not submissive.  They dare to wreak havoc in her own place?


So you want to play?  Fine, this young lady will play with you.


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