TFIC – Chapter 24

Chapter 24

The Sixth Prince, Lian Che


Lian Feng Palace,


“Xiao Dou Zi, are you telling the truth?”


“Yes, I am.  This servant dare not lie when it comes to these kind of things!  The empress’ maid, Ling Er told me!  The empress already spoke with the emperor to confer Miss Lan Qin Yu as Qing Feng Dynasty’s princess!”


“Then, is she really Second Brother’s consort?”


“About that, this servant isn’t very sure.  Looking at her identity, I don’t think so.  But that night, during the banquet, the second prince might as well announce to the whole world that she is….”  Xiao Dou Zi is just a little eunuch, how could he know what the truth is.  He can only share his view with his master.


“Your Highness, you might as well ask the second prince directly.  At least we’ll know the truth.”  Xiao Dou Zi really cannot understand his master.  Wouldn’t directly asking his brother be a lot easier than just guessing?  He can even meet Miss Lan Qin Yu.


He remembers Miss Lan’s appearance the other day.  Even though she was not as glamorous as the other consorts, she has that something in her that makes it hard for people to look away.  Her performance itself was refreshing and good, different from the others.


“What do you know!  Stuff like this shouldn’t be asked!  It should be informed by him instead. Imperial Mother said so!”  The sixth prince, Feng Lian Che shakes his head.  He remembers his Imperial Mother’s teaching very clearly.  She is never wrong!


That day, on the banquet, he could tell she was no ordinary person!  He was right!  His second imperial brother brought her there so blatantly, she must have been very capable.  Not only is she talented, she is also……. also…… she is also very pretty!


“Then why ask me to inquire,” Xiao Dou Zi mumbles to himself.


“Dou Zi, what did you said?”


“Nothing!  Nothing!  Miss Lan ———–“


“Why are you calling her ‘Miss’, it should be ‘Princess’!”  It is already decided to appoint her as a princess, why is he addressing her as a miss?


“But she isn’t officially conferred yet….”


Why is his prince even hastier than Miss Lan?


“Even though she hasn’t been officially conferred, a princess is still a princess!”  In fact, she will probably be a prince’s consort soon, his sister-in-law!


“……. Yes.  Princess Qin Yu’s servant, Xiu Er told me just now that she wish to visit Lian Feng Palace.”


Feng Lian Che suddenly stand up, his face is filled with excitement.  “Really?  When will she come?”


“Xiu Er didn’t say.  She only told me that Princess Qin Yu angered Consort Liu yesterday, so a couple of concubines rallied and had an audience with the emperor demanding punishment.”


“Why didn’t you tell me sooner!”  Those women are so crafty, how can he let them go after Lan Qin Yu like that!


“Because Xiu Er told this servant that Princess Qin Yu said……”


“Say what!”


“Princess Qin Yu said that once she is rid of the troublesome people, she will come and see you.”  Those people are still the emperor’s concubines, Xiao Dou Zi would rather not commit suicide by words.  But, since she sounds so confident, there shouldn’t be any problem.  Since she managed to anger Consort Liu that much, she must be someone out of the ordinary, that’s why Xiao Dou Zi didn’t immediately report that matter.


“They really are troublesome!  They actually tried to harm my Imperial Mother back then.  Had it not been the empress and the empress dowager, my Imperial Mother would either die from illness or from other people’s doings!”


Back then, a couple of imperial concubines could not bear to see the emperor favoring only the then Consort Xian (who is now the empress) and his Imperial Mother, Consort Zhuang.  He still couldn’t repay them for trying to harm his mother back then.  They destroyed the evidences after all.  Lucky his Imperial Mother managed to escape their plot.


And now, they actually want to create new trouble in the palace!  How hateful!


He will not let them bully his future sister in law!  He must protect her!  These days, the second prince isn’t around, only he can protect his sister in law!  Feng Lian Che quietly vows to protect Lan Qin Yu, somehow already coming to conclusion that she will be Feng Tian Qing’s consort.


“Xiao Dou Zi, to Ling Feng Palace!”


Seeing his master in such indignation, Xiao Dou Zi trembles.  It is rare to see the sixth prince so toughened.

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