TFIC – Chapter 23

Chapter 23

Playing Tricks on Consort Liu


What Qin Yu has been waiting for has happened.  She was a good citizen in her time and had always wanted to try her hand in slapping others.  Her wish finally comes through!  Even though her hand aches, the feeling of slapping other people is actually great.  Especially when done to people like these who depends on other’s affection to oppress another.  The only downside is she originally wanted to slap that Consort Liu as well, but she is only standing on the sideline, staring at them in surprise.


Consort Liu has long been angered to the point of no return!  She actually dares to hit her people in front of her!


“Somebody come!  Slap her mouth for me!”


The maids that had been hit by Lan Qin Yu does not dare to even move.  Even the escorting guards does not move a single muscle.  Consort Liu does not know who Lan Qin Yu is, but the guards do.  Even though they were not instructed to guard the great hall during the banquet, but their brothers who did told them everything.  Moreover, a few days ago, they heard about the empress’ plan to make Lan Qin Yu the country’s very first princess.  Nobody who still wants to live would dare to mess with her.


Besides, Consort Liu’s arrogance is famous in the palace.  Even they, the guards have been continuously oppressed by her.  They had always wanted to let out some steam but considering their position, nobody dares to.   Now that there is a ‘princess’ to do the revenge for them, this is a wish come true!


“Somebody come!  Why aren’t you doing anything!”


Consort Liu looks at the guards who are standing in their position like statues, they did not even show the slightest notion of planning to do something!


Lan Qin Yu knows why the guards aren’t doing anything, but the three in front of her doesn’t.  What a bunch of idiots!  Screaming and howling like that, such an inappropriate behavior for someone of her status!   The eldest prince already lost face because of her!


She continues eating her jadefruit and once she gets tired of standing, she leans into the fake mountain behind her while watching Consort Liu waving her hands to order the guards into action.  In the end, after failing to order the guards, Consort Liu even put her feet into action to kick the guards in anger.


“Tsk tsk tsk.  Seriously!  An esteemed prince’s consort is actually doing something that can embarrass the entire royal family!”  Even Xiu Er and Zi Er shake their heads in the sideline.  Consort Liu’s servants who noticed their mistress going into her crazy mood promptly forgets the pain in their cheeks and immediately block their mistress.


Lan Qin Yu laughs happily, these people truly knows how entertain her!  This is what we call a true play, even better than those comedy movies!


The play continues for about an hour, Consort Liu is tired and is out of breath.  She fails to get people to hit Lan Qin Yu!  Seeing Lan Qin Yu’s leisurely countenance, she cannot breath and in the end collapse to the ground and faints.


Oh, but Lan Qin Yu hasn’t played enough though, how can she faints!


“So weak!  I only provoke this little and you already faint?  I didn’t even get to tell you my name!  So lame!  Xiu Er, Zi Er, let’s go back!”


Seeing Consort Liu fainting, the guards are thankful to Lan Qin Yu to no end!  Their tears almost fall!  This counts as her letting off some steam for them!  Lan Qin Yu on the other hand did not even glance at the person on the ground.  Such a minor character deserves no more of her time.  Wasted her precious time!


When she bumped into Consort Liu just now, she could tell she is a consort.  That’s why she wanted to play with her, wanted to see the capabilities of consorts in this dynasty.  Hustle and bustle for such a long time, in the end, the one she bumped into was just a flower vase.  Until the very end, she refused to lift her own hand.  She even fainted from her own anger!


She originally planned to act in the play like those in ‘War and Beauty’…..


Such a weakling.

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