Favored Intelligent Concubine

The Forbidden City, a palace with thousands of years of history.  Magnificent, majestic, enigmatic.  A little too enigmatic, though.  Tired from visiting, she decided to sleep on the ancient bed, she then woke up but then everything got unrecognizable!  Not talking about her face, but rather her surrounding!


Status: Dropped



List of Chapters:


  1. Can you please post the Chinese raw of this novel? please…I really love this novel and please continue translating this novel 😍😘


  2. Hi~ Thanks for translating so much and doing such a wonderful job! Btw, since you changed all the uploading back onto this site (which is great), can you also change the links in novelupdates? Thanks so much!


  3. Thank you for the translations! I just picked this up and omg its soo funny! Definitely not like the other typical transmigration stories which carry more sinister vibes and are lengthy. Looking forward to more 🙂


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