DC – Chapter 36

Chapter 36

The Banquet (10)


But, she cannot shrug him off nor can she run away.


No matter how much she loathes this, she is just like the rest of the women in the palace; she cannot go against the emperor’s wishes.


She is of low-value ah.


Her fingertips pierce into her palm; the pain she feels in her palm gradually overwhelms the pain in her stomach.


There is something sticky between her legs.  She cannot move, her body turning even more rigid.


Before she entered the palace, Rong mama told her that when a woman spends the first night with her husband, it will hurt and blood will flow and…. Don’t tell her…


She did not get to listen till the end cause Rong mama was interrupted by her mother’s arrival.


Her mother said that if she enter the palace in the future, a mama will explain everything to her.  She then forbade Rong mama from saying anything further.


She still remembers the look on her mother’s face back then; a look of pensive and melancholy.


Now, she finally understands why her mother had that look on her face.  This feeling is not pleasant.


Her mother loves her and did not want her to experience the same thing.


For her, this is such a pain.


She closes her eyes as her body starts to tremble.


Xuan Yuan Yu’s originally cold body gradually turns warm because of her.  He slowly regains his sanity as well.


When his mind becomes clear, he sees the fair white skin underneath him turning into a supple, full-bloom Xiyan flower.  Each of it’s petals are clean, fragrant and soft to touch.


At this moment, her body is trembling in his embrace.


He can sense something peculiar, he slowly loosens his hand.  Did he accidentally hurt her during his search for warmth?


The moment his hold loosens, she immediately tries to make a run for it.  Before she even gets to move, he flips her over again.


They face each other.


He presses his body against her, their position looking really ambiguous.


His eyes are sparkling like stars and his pale, ice-like face appears really handsome.


At this moment, she feels like she hardly knows him.  He seems really strange yet really familiar at the same time.


There seems to be a kind of light radiating from him and she just has to blink as to not lose her senses.


She lowers her eyes, unwilling to look at him.


When he loosened his hand and she had tried to get away, he has no idea why he didn’t want to let her go.  He ended up turning her over.


Only the Heavens know how unwilling he is to face her in this manner.


While his mind drifts away, a voice can be heard from outside the pavilion, “The empress dowager has arrived!”


The voices of the empress dowager and the emperor of Ye Kingdom drift over.  They cannot hear them clearly, though he can tell that they are mostly changing pleasantries.


With that, he loosens the hands that are restraining her.  When he pulls over, he finally realizes that her dress has been opened half-way, up to her waist.  He managed to get a glance at her chest before she quickly covers it with her hands, and then by her drifting hair.  He cannot see her expression, though he doesn’t think he wants to either.


He turns his face around and quickly helps her put on her dress, “This must not be known by any other person.”


She freezes before understanding what he says.  Before she agrees to his request, the empress dowager’s voice can be heard from outside, “Your Majesty, the emperor of Ye Kingdom is waiting outside.  Have you rested enough?”


There are traces of displeasure on her voice.


Xuan Yuan Yu’s eyes are no longer red and by now has returned to it’s usual blue.  A cold smile appears on his lips.


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