DC – Chapter 35

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Chapter 35

The Banquet (9)


Xi Yan’s back is exposed as she lay on the thick red rug.  Her dress has been pried open and a good portion of her back to her waist is exposed to the cold air.  Other than her long hair covering her chest, she lays bare in front of Xuan Yuan Yu.


After Xuan Yuan Yu carries her into the pavilion, he puts her down and indifferently orders her to stay still.


Then, he goes straight to the changing room.


She continues standing there, her lower stomach aching.  Not long later, she hears the sound of things being thrown to the floor from the changing room.


Since there are only the two of them here, the one making those noise must be him.


He forbade her from moving, but how can she listen to him after hearing all that noise?


After all, she is the only one with him.  If anything happens, she will not be able to wash her hands off the matter.


She endures the discomfort in her stomach and opens the curtain separating the pavilion from the changing room.  Turns out, the object that falls just now is a rosewood clothes rack.


As for the handsome monarch, he is leaning onto the wall in pain. His body is shaking heavily; she can hear the sound of his teeth clattering.  When he hears her approaching, he fiercely says, “Get out!”


His voice is so cold and icy.  He is trembling, as though ice are penetrating him to his very bones.


Xi Yan does not leave and instead continues approaching him.  He turns around, as though guarding himself against her.  She stops in front of him.


She wants to know what is wrong with him.  He seems very uncomfortable.


She looks at him who still looks exceptionally handsome even under such condition.  His lips are blue and there are frosts forming on his hairline.  She is startled by that discovery.


“You—–“  before she even finish speaking, a pair of ice cold arms violently pulls her into a wide chest.  It happens so fast , she didn’t get a chance to avoid it.


She stumbles after stepping on her skirt.  She originally shouldn’t have fallen, but since she is busy trying to push him away, she ends up falling on the floor.   She gasps as her body falls straight to the floor, but instead of pain, she feels his arms wrapping around her, cushioning her fall.  He frowns, and as he does that, the frosts that are forming on him falls on her face.


So cold.  But what is even colder is his hand.


He wraps his cold arms around her.


His dark onyx eyes are on her, and she notices a red strand of light that are currently pooling below his pupil.


At that moment, he suddenly turns her around and hugs her from behind.


After he does that, he flips open her dress from the shoulders.  His hand inadvertently comes in contact with her chest.  The moment he touches it, he immediately draws his hand back, as though he just touched something electrifying.  His initially pained voice suddenly lets out a yearning sound.


Actually, she is not a fully-developed maiden yet, when he touched her and draws in her warmth, he feels an inexplicable satisfaction in his heart.


Right underneath him is her slender body; she feels so soft, like the softest of silk, the most beautiful of flowers, the warmest stove.  He glues his body against the maiden’s back, the coldness in his body gradually dissipating due to her warmth.


He needs her warmth; he desperately covets it.


He finally takes off all of her clothes, her jade-white back completely embraced by him.


She is so warm.


In the midst of the warmth, he can smell a sweet scent.


He does not know what the smell is, but he will always smell it when he is in close proximity to her.


At the moment, the scent is stronger than ever.


He has no idea why he cannot stop himself from embracing her even tighter.


Her heart gradually becomes more and more uneasy.  Her uneasiness promptly makes her forgot about the pain in her stomach.  She only wants to get away from him.


She really hates the feeling of being imprisoned like this.


Unfortunately, he is the emperor.  She was just concerned about him, but now, other than disgust, she feels nothing else for him.


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    • probably cramps, maybe she produces more of her “special” scent when she’s about to get it. The king… I think he was poisoned or something. Even the other king from neighbouring country was pondering why they went to chamber.


  1. Feel sorry for Xi Yan that she got the old King. Has so many women already. Wonder if the neighbor king remember her. What a tragic love.


  2. I read that your dropping this novel! No! I always look forward to your update. To tell you the truth I think the reason you haven’t gather of follower is the frequency of the update. After awhile even though people like this story it hard to know when it is updated. There are people like me who really enjoyed it, yet doesn’t comment. I know hard it is to put so much time and efforts into something, yet get so little reception. I truly wish you would really reconsider it. Thank you so much for your time and hard works!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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