DC – Chapter 30

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Chapter 30

The Banquet


No matter how strong she is, she will still feel fear.



To her, the safety of her loved ones is more important than everything.


She feels something touching her hand.  Xuan Yuan Yu carelessly place his hand on top of her’s.  His voice is indifferent as he speaks, “As long as zhen can deal with those wretched people….. Zhen also forbade Xiang Qinwang’s relatives from sending him off to avoid the innocent ones from getting injured.”


Hearing that, Xi Yan’s heart calms down.  So, he forbade her from sending her father off to protect her?  He also protected her family members.  He even helped her exact revenge on those people who killed her father.


She should be thankful to him.  Yes, thankful; even though he is only doing this to consolidate his power.  “Let’s not talk about this.  Today is about me bidding you farewell.”  Xuan Yuan Yu lifts his hand from hers once he notice that she is no longer trembling.  “Bring Princess Feng Xiang in.”


When she hears him saying that, she turns to inspect his expression.  He is no longer indifferent, she can see a trace of desolateness in his face; it is not deep but she can see it just fine.


She sighs gently.  She doesn’t know if the two people would be happy had she not taken the hairpin back then.  What she knows is one cannot turn back time. Some things are determined by the heaven.


Her mind is filled with futile and redundant thoughts as she watches the graceful figure that is slowly making it’s way towards them.


Mu Yan is wearing a set of scarlet dress, accompanied with a jade tourmaline head gear.  There is the pattern of a peony in the middle of the head gear.  Just like that, Mu Yan makes her way to the water banks.  The red-dressed maids that are following her stops in front of the entrance.


Next to that scarlet silhouette is a dark blue silhouette.  The color of their clothes looks so luxurious when they stand next to each other.


As Xi Yan is immersed in her thoughts, Mu Yan kneels, “Greeting Your Majesty.”


Her voice is really calm when she speaks, as though nothing has happened.  Just, the calmer one appears, the more they care about things.  Because they care, they can only hide it as to not hurt other people.


“Rise.”  Xuan Yuan Yu’s voice is no longer indifferent, but it also doesn’t contain any particular emotion, “Ah Nan, this is Princess Feng Xiang.”


Bai Li Nan is closer to Mu Yan than Xuan Yuan Yu.  He slowly gets up and offers his hand to her, “Princess.”


Mu Yan’s headgear moves a little, making a little sound.  She takes a small step backwards before raising her delicate hand out of her large sleeves.  Her fingertips are painted scarlet, highlighting the fairness of her skin.


In Xun Kingdom, that kind of color can only be used by betrothed young maidens.


Xi Yan glance at her own dull fingertips.  Will it look as good as Mu Yan’s if she paints it with color?


As she thinks of that, she immediately withdraw her hands and hides in under her sleeves.  Her father has just died, why is she thinking of such nonsense?


When she looks back at Mu Yan, her hand is already placed inside Bai Li Nan’s palm as he leads her to their seats.


Two pairs of couple, each with different expressions.  In the water banks, before the feast and music even began, the air is filled with awkwardness.



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