DC – Chapter 29

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The Banquet



As Bai Li Nan walk into the pavillion, Xi Yan lowers her head and curtsies.


This curtsey is only for formality, she didn’t have to verbally address him.  After all, Bai Li Nan is the emperor of Ye Kingdom; one that can be described as peerlessly good-looking.  If a man leaves that impression on her, the very next words she will connect to him is ‘evildoer’.


A man that is too beautiful can only be an evildoer in her heart.


In this thirteen years of life, even though she has rarely meets men, this was what Rong Mama taught her back then.  Men like these must be kept at arm’s length, she said.


Now that she became Xuan Yuan Yu’s concubine from a twist of fate, was that her being fortunate?


With that mindset, her dim heart can suddenly see rays of lights for her upcoming days.


Just like the brilliant splendour of the sun today as it falls into her eyes and shines over her little face.


At that moment, Xuan Yuan Yu sits behind a big table on the left as his indifferent voice echoes in the water pavilion, “Zhen has been too busy with Jin Zhen Clan these past few days; Zhen neglected Ah Nan.”


The way he addressed him tells her how amiable the two emperors are.


Bai Li Nan sits behind the big desk on the right as the same time he did.  They are very similar; none of them are faster or slower by one step.  Just as he sits, Bai Li Nan smiles warmly; his smile carrying traces of tiredness and weariness; something she cannot describe.  “Zhen studied medicines these past few days from shifu.  If you hadn’t been busy, zhen wouldn’t have been able to have that opportunity.”


Bai Li Nan’s inadvertent words also sounds leisurely, but when it reaches Xi Yan’s ears, she froze.  Even though his voice isn’t as low as the one on that night; that laziness and leisurely manner in his tone is just the same.


Turns out the masked man who saved her that night was him.


He is wearing a blue robe, the same robe he wore that night.


Her reaction did not escape Xuan Yuan Yu’s eyes.  A light flashes in his eyes; one that disappears the moment he subtly smile.


“Ah Nan, shifu will start wandering again soon.  Seems like zhen will not have the opportunity to receive his teaching.”


“Yu, the matter involving Jin Zhen Clan is still more important.”  The smile in Bai Li Nan’s face is disarming.  He pauses for a while, “But zhen didn’t think you would take advantage of Xiang Qinwang’s funeral to lay ambush against Xue Lian Sect.”


Xi Yan who sits next to Xuan Yuan Yu couldn’t stop herself from trembling when she heard that.


He actually used her father’s funeral to get rid of rebels?


Then, her mother—–


Her mother must have took part in her father’s funeral.  She didn’t believe the soldiers could have an easy battle against those rebels.  After all, the scene of killings in Tai Yuan Building is still vivid in her mind.


Under that bloody background, the difference between life and death is thin.


Unfortunately, she cannot ask in this setting.  No matter how uneasy she is, she cannot open her mouth.


Her heart is deeply consumed by fear.


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