DC – Chapter 26

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The Banquet



Snow falls intermittently for seven days.  On the seventh day, the sky clears up.


Xi Yan’s illness finally turns for the better.


The Imperial Physician’s Department did not really slack off, a lot of them came over to examine her.  Even Zou Yuan Cheng personally came to check her pulse.  But Xi Yan instructed Li Qiu to politely turn them away.


She really does not want to drink those medicines.  The tonics are too bitter and astringent, even if they can change the medicine into something she is not allergic to, she don’t think she will be able to drink them.


The bitter taste of medicine that enters her throat that night is something she cannot forget.  In the end, she forces herself to be strong and press down her sickness.


She cannot be weak.  From now on, she no longer has the luxury to cry.  All the tears, all the weaknesses can only be stored in her heart.  No one can block the wind and ward off the rain for her anymore.  She must continue what her father left off——- to maintain the honour of their manor in the country.


While this is not a necessity, it is an obligation.  Father was a proud person, he spent his entire life glorifying the Nalan manor.  How can she bear to let if all fall apart?  She cannot allow her mother and her Second Brother to live a dishonoured life.


She is a mundane person with the most mundane desires, but she cannot escape all this.  The only thing she can escape from is not drinking bitter medicines.


“Your Ladyship, your complexion looks a lot better today.”  Yan Er’s voice reaches her hearing.  Without even looking, she knows the tray in her hands contains porridge and some other light dishes for breakfast this morning.


When her illness lightens a little, she finally finds out that the entire servants in this palace have been put to death.  Cold-blooded and cruel, that is the true nature of the harem.


Yan Er in front of her is a palace maid sent to serve her after the killings.  She is very obedient and understanding.  She can’t afford to be anything less than that if she wants to live.


She picks up her chopsticks and eats a little.  After a moment, she cannot eat any further and puts down her utensil.  “Take it away,” she tiredly says.


“Your Ladyship, you should eat a little more.  The banquet is tomorrow, you have to look your best.”  Yan Er cannot stop herself from advising her.   Tomorrow is the banquet for Ye Kingdom, the entire palace has been preparing for it for half a month.  It will definitely be lively.  Her mistress will be the only consort accompanying the emperor, she will definitely be worn out.


Actually, Li Qiu did tell Mo Zhu a couple of days ago that Zui Fei’s health isn’t good.  But Mo Zhu was adamant and said Zui Fei must be present at the banquet.  So she followed Li Qiu’s instruction to closely monitor Zui Fei’s meals these past few days.  But, no matter how careful and considerate she is, it is still up to their mistress ah.  She ate so little these past few days, Yan Er can see how thin she has becomes when she helps her change outfits.  The clothes their mistress has when she has just entered the palace is too big for her now, they have no other choice but get new ones.  As she thinks of all that, she frowns, not taking the tray away.


“Alright, wait for a moment.  Bengong is suddenly hungry.” Xi Yan simply says.


Just as she said that, the sound of a woman laughing in delight can be heard from outside their palace.  That kind of sincere laughter is actually very rare in the harem.


Xi Yan’s eyes falls on the window.  Yan Er quickly heads over to the window, put away the curtains and push open the window.   This is the first time they open the window in the period of seven days.  They had been keeping it close in this entire palace because the snow was too thick and the air was too cold.  For the first time, Xi Yan realizes that this Bing Ran Palace is located in a fairly high ground.  You can see panoramic view outside the window.


It is an enchanting view of snow terrains.


With the snow as background, a group of palace maids circles a lady in blue who is happily making a big snowman.  The snowman is six or seven point finish.  The girl takes a red silk from a tray and puts it around the snowman’s head.


The white snow, the red silk and the blue dress….. Such a beautiful sight


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